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Getting help for a Mentally Ill Family Member

When someone is mentally ill, chances are they are in denial that anything is wrong because from their perspective everything seems normal. Most people suffering from mental illnesses, tend to turn to substance abuse to try to cover up their pain to help them to cope, because for one reason or another they either can’t afford medication, or they claim that pills do not work as well as street drugs or alcohol.

Those who turn to alcohol trying to cover up their pain will just drink and drink and drink because the alcohol is not getting into their system fast enough to cover up the pain. Sadly the laws currently in the United States are not set up to properly help someone with a mental illness who is using street drugs or alcohol to cover up their pain.

If someone goes into an Emergency room either high on drugs or drunk on alcohol saying that they want to kill themselves, the standard procedure right now is that they can stay in the emergency room until they either come down from what ever drug they are using or they sober up from the alcohol and then they are asked again how they feel and chances are when they are in their, “right” state of mind, they are going to say that they feel fine and that they are no threat to themselves and they will be discharged and sent home until something triggers their negative emotions again and send them in a downward spiral and they get drunk again or abuse drugs again and end up right back into the hospital to do it all over again.

A lot of these people are on government funded medical insurance programs, like Medicare and Medicaid, and it is costing the tax payers tons of money for these people to keep doing this in hopes to get help when the hospital policies are not set up to help these people.

So in reality, getting help for a mentally ill family member with the laws set up they way that they are is extremely difficult because so many mental hospitals have closed down in recent years for one reason or another. Doctors and legislators need to rethink these decisions and think about all of these people around the world who can’t get the help that they need with the way that the laws are currently written and make the necessary changes, so that these people can get the help that they need.

When someone is admitted to an emergency room and they are saying that they want to kill themselves, there is something wrong. It should not matter if they are on drugs or alcohol when they say this. The fact is, is that something in their lives is causing them severe emotional pain and if they are a threat to themselves no matter what emotional state they are in, they should be admitted to a hospital or a facility where they do not have the access to drugs and alcohol and they can get the prescription medication and counseling services that they need to get through whatever may be bothering them and learn coping skills, so that they will not want to kill themselves and they can learn how to deal with their pain without wanting to take their life.