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Getting a Handle on Stress

Laughing My Way to a Stress Free Life!

I was coming back from giving a seminar when traffic slowed down to a crawl. I wondered what was going on, so I moved down the road until I could see better. I busted into laughter, to my surprise it was a large group of Canadian Geese crossing the road from the lake. The leader made the first step into the road, and then all the rest of the geese followed. Each goose was stepping right in time with the lead goose. I was thinking, “Perhaps they are all mesmerized by the lead goose, sleepwalking across the road.” I laughed some more!

Then I looked around, people were drumming on their steering wheels, yelling at the geese, and scowling like the world had come to an end. What a difference! I was in a place of happiness and having fun, and everyone else looked as though they accidentally sat down on their false teeth. I started thinking, “What happened to them?”

Then it hit me, “What a mind set difference.” Here I am watching an amazing sight, cracking up laughing, and the rest of the world is miserable. Woo!

People are too busy to notice the silliness around them. This bit of fun was right in front of them, and they didn’t even blink, life is full of crazy stuff, if we only open our eyes.

Later that week, I was walking down the beach and needed to use the bathroom. So I walked to the public restroom, walked into a stall which needed flushing and flushed it. WOOSH-a pipe over the toilet showered me in a jet of cold water. Wow! So much water that I felt like I was getting hit by a fire hose. I WAS DRENCHED, I WAS STUNNED! All I could do was walk out and laugh.

I couldn’t believe I was soaked, I just laughed and laughed, I couldn’t help myself. I was getting a side ache from laughing so hard. I was going to use the bathroom, and the next thing I new, I was soaked to the bone, totally forgetting about needing to use the bathroom.

A man walked in the bathroom and asked, “What’s going on?” I said, “Well, I wouldn’t try the shower if I were you!” Then I walked out and sat down, sunning myself like a cormorant on a rock. Yes, I could have gotten mad, but what good would that do?

We can look at life in a couple ways: One way we are serious all the time, grumpy and unhappy. And the other way, we laugh all the time, enjoying the crazy mixed up world.