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Get in Shape without Spending Money on the Gym or Equipment

Who said the gym was the only place to get in shape or that you need expensive equipment? You can get in shape and keep in shape simply by going about your everyday living and incorporating an exercise routine that does not require a constant payment of fees.

Think of it this way. Instead of hiring domestic help use the time for household chores as a way of moving your body and stimulating your mind. Cleaning windows, cleaning the car, hanging out the washing and vacuum cleaning can be stretching exercises; repetitive scrubbing and lifting can be working on muscle groups in the arms and legs; gardening can be looked at as an assortment of chores which deal with flexibility, endurance and weight lifting. It helps to view your chores not as chores but the feeling of pride it gives you as you associate this with keeping your house and garden clean and tidy. Put on your favorite music and boogie and move while you do your work.

Outdoor activities like walking, cycling, running and swimming also provide you with the benefit of fresh and clean air and the spiritually uplifting feeling of your closeness to nature. Incorporate these activities within your program of keeping fit. Walking and cycling can easily be part of your fitness simply by using that mode of movement to get to work or go shopping. Consider getting off just one bus stop before heading home and just walk that distance. Not only is it a good wind down after a hectic day at work, but you will also be moving those arms and legs and get breathing benefits as well.

When sitting in front of the television remember you can rotate your ankles, wrists and shoulders all from the comfort of your sofa. Gently move your head from side to side. Touch your toes and do some floor exercises.

If you find none of the above working for you consider purchasing or hiring an exercise CD or a book. There are many exercises that do not require equipment. Consider yoga, tai chi or Pilate’s. All these exercises only require your commitment to do them on a regular basis. Consider a time that fits into your working life. It may be first thing in the morning or at the end of the day.

Maybe you need more of the social contact and encouragement provided by contact with other like minded people. Then consider joining a walkers group, cycling, or a runners club or taking up dancing. Maybe, you can interest your friends to go on a walking trek or cycle every Sunday afternoon.

Remember that getting into shape and keeping fit and healthy is a commitment to your self. Set up a regular time for exercising and as you make it a routine you are more likely to stick with it. Also make it interesting and change it around so that you look forward to it. Above all remember to be kind to your body and to warm up and cool down after strenuous exercise. Keep yourself hydrated and eat food that is good for your health and well being.