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Get Donation cause Fund Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

Are you or someone you know a victim of breast cancer? Are you interested in getting donations for your cause? There are a variety of ways that you can do this. By reading this article, you are going to learn a lot of fund raising ideas for breast cancer awareness.

You can hold a race. In fact, St. Louis, Missouri has an annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure foot race.

Every year Major League Baseball recognizes breast cancer awareness on a Sunday by having the ballplayers use a pink bat or wear a pink patch. The baseball teams and other sports franchises should take advantage of this occasion to charge a little extra for the admission fee and give those proceeds to breast cancer awareness charities.

Sometimes there are events such as hot dog or pie eating contests. Proceeds from these events should go toward cancer victims.

A contest could be held to judge who bakes the best pies or cakes. The money that is raised should be used as proceeds.

Having bake sales is another idea. Numerous food businesses could hold this to help out.

How about using clothes as an option? Pink shirt sales can be held.

Considering that diseases are treated with medicines, why not use them to raise funds? Special medicine sales can be held.

Why not involve a variety of items to sell? You could hold a special sale for numerous items that are pink or have a connection with awareness causes or the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Many cancer patients go to the hospital and wear a gown. Clothes stores should sell pink gowns to raise funds.

Hospital patients are often pushed around in a wheelchair before they are released. Why not have several famous actors and athletes sign a wheelchair that is used by a patient and then auction it off on eBay with a starting bid of thousands of dollars? Jay Leno has had success auctioning off one of his motorcycles with a lot of celebrity signatures on it through his television show.

Grocery stores can help out. They can hold a sale for some items.

Because the media is useful for raising awareness, why not take advantage of it? A special newspaper can be printed to raise funds.

You have learned fund raising ideas for breast cancer awareness. Incorporate these ideas and others you think of to accomplish your goal!