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Fvie Simple Rules to Fight Late Night Food Cravings

Here are five simple ways to stave off those late night munchies; turn off the television, eat six small meals during the day, eat a healthy snack during the evening, occupy your mind and go to bed earlier.

Turn off the TV

Did you ever notice how incredibly hungry you get watching TV at night? Several hours after dinner you suddenly get the urge to eat. You end up sitting in front of the TV mindlessly stuffing your self with junk food. That’s because several hours after eating dinner your energy levels drop due to the sugar levels in your body decreasing. You end up eating junk containing high levels of food that eventually becomes sugar.

Did you ever notice how many food ads there are on late night TV? Just seeing so many junk food ads, and sugary goodness containing ads can have you running to the kitchen and raiding that snack cupboard. Whenever you watch the Food Network, you end up snacking on junk for several hours. And it doesn’t even matter if you’re hungry or not. Just seeing all that great food makes you want to eat.

Turn off the television and find something else to do.

Nighttime activities

The objective here is to do something creative and stimulating that will occupy your mind until you are tired enough to go to sleep. Start a new hobby, join a group activity, go outside and get some fresh air. Go for a walk, work in some exercise time and drink plenty of water to keep that stomach full. Try doing something different every night instead of doing the same old thing. If you sit at the computer every night and snack then try doing something else. Talk to your partner, start a neighborhood watch group or play board games with your family.

Eat a healthy snack

At night when those cravings for junk food strike, train your mind and your body to eat healthy foods. Eat some cereal in milk or cereal with soy milk. Don’t eat the cereal loaded with sugar either, that’s cheating! Try eating some cut up celery or carrots with a low fat salad dressing. By staying away from eating junk that occupies that space between dinner and going to bed, you will feel healthier. You won’t be gaining weight by becoming the next couch potato champion.

Eat six meals

During the day try something completely different; eat six small meals. Eat a small breakfast and then have some yogurt and an apple for a snack during that mid morning point. Have a small lunch and then a healthy snack of celery sticks with peanut butter. Have a smaller dinner, and have a snack later on that is healthy, such as an apple, and Cheerios. By being creative and eating more times during the day you are keeping your stomach full. You are training your body, and your mind to eat all day long. This way you are training yourself to eat healthy foods, not those potato chips that you crave. You are filling your body with good food that will keep your energy levels up longer.

Go to bed earlier

Many doctors follow three simple life rules; they go to bed early, get up early and they eat six meals a day. They’re doctors, after all they should know what makes a person healthy. Sitting down to watch TV when you are tired is the worst thing you can do. Go to bed when you feel tired instead of staying up eating junk. The junk is just that, it produces a huge sugar buzz and then tapers off leaving you feeling depleted. So, instead of watching reruns again, or seeing that new reality TV show, go to bed when you feel tired.

Try doing something different every night to keep your mind and your stomach off those late night cravings. Eat foods containing fiber that will make you feel fuller. And give yourself a break -go to bed earlier.