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Functions of Vitamin B12 in the Body

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is among the most important vitamins required for the normal growth, development and health of the human body. In general, B vitamins are water-soluble therefore they are not retained in the body for a long time. However, this is not the case for vitamin B12. This vitamin is instead kept in the liver, body tissues and kidney and not excreted through the urine.

The daily functions of vitamin B12 in the body include enabling individuals overcome stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue because it boosts their energy thereby rejuvenating them. As a result, their sleeping patterns are improved. Moreover, it helps in boosting the immune system thus enable the body fight against infections.

Daily functions of vitamin B12 also include protecting against cardiovascular related diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Lack of the recommended amount of vitamin B12 in the body increases chances of developing breast cancer. This is because vitamin B12 works hand in hand with folate to curb the possibility for development of breast cancer especially in postmenopausal women. Interestingly is the ability of vitamin B12 to enhance male fertility. Conducted studies and research show that vitamin B12 improves the sperm count and mobility.

Furthermore, vitamin B12 is used to cure chronic symptoms of asthma therefore it is highly used as an anecdote by doctors to subside asthma attacks. The other important daily functions of vitamin B12 in the body include overseeing development of red blood cells as well as provision of a protective sheath to the peripheral nerve endings.

In addition, vitamin B12 enhances cell longevity, memory and the capability to learn. Vitamin B12 also has other functions like curing and preventing the development of a wide array of diseases such as pernicious anemia which causes weight loss, loss of balance, moodiness, numbness, weakness, fever, diarrhea, pale skin and memory loss.

Vitamin B12 is believed to help prevent the development Alzheimer’s disease because it improves cognitive performance. Therefore, to enhance the daily functions of vitamin B12 in the body, it is advisable to consume foods high in vitamin B12 such as eggs, shellfish, meat, poultry, milk and its products.

Individuals can also consume prescribed vitamin B12 supplements that can easily be obtained from any grocery store, internet, pharmacies and health food stores. Unlike most supplements those of vitamin B12 have not been associated with any toxicity or adverse effects yet.


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