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Foot Corns Home Remediy for Foot Corns

Have you ever had a pair of shoes that did not quite fit or shoes that were too tight on your toes? Those are two of the most common causes of corns on the feet. For women who often wear high heeled shoes, the pressure exerted on the toes and front part of the foot can more often than not create a corn. There are many other reasons corns may develop on the feet including:

Loose fitting socks – Continuous standing or walking on a hard surface – Skin on the sole of the foot is thinning – Having flat feet (major culprit) – Diabetics need to be especially careful and have their feet checked regularly

Many think corns are just a nuisance and it is true, they are, but they are also doing a job of protecting the more sensitive parts of the feet. There are two forms that a corn can take, either soft or hard. The soft corn is most often seen in the moist areas between the toes. These corns develop often because of tight fitting shoes that cause the toes to rub together. Any shoes that compacts the toes can cause the bones in the toes to rub together. Hard corns are most often seen on the outside of the little toe or on the tops of the toes. This is usually caused by the toes rubbing against either a sock seam or against a shoe itself.

Home remedies are much more widely used today than they once were and many families may have remedies they have passed down. Hopefully one of the following home remedies can help alleviate the symptoms of the corn. A fresh slice of lemon secured overnight to the affected area ½ teaspoon of raw papaya juice applied up to three times a day The juice from green figs can help soften corns. Ground up chalk mixed with water into a paste, apply then cover and secure. A small piece of bacon fat secured to the area overnight. Soak feet then use a pumice stone on the corn

Corns are not easily gotten rid of and may require several treatments to see the effects of the home remedy. There are several other things you can do to help speed up the corns disappearance. Wear comfortable shoe and place some kind of padding in the area of the corn to alleviate the pressure and prevent further rubbing of the area. Avoiding repeated actions will also help you enjoy corn free feet.