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Foods with a Calming Effect

There is no denying that life can be stressful. Between jobs, family, traffic and everything else life throws at people, it is a wonder that anyone can get anything accomplished some days! It is no wonder why some people keep a secret stash of chocolate and bath salts.

Feeling a bit stressed? Is your your pending job promotion causing you sleepless nights and fits of anxiety? Then try one of these calming foods:

*Almonds. These great tasting nuts are not just great on a salad, they can also help calm you. Almonds contain many vitamins including the B-complex and minerals like magnesium and calcium. These specific vitamins and minerals have been linked to decreasing stress in anxiety studies.

*Avocados. The avocado can actually be considered a “super fruit” in many ways. It contains many vitamins including E, C and B6. It also contains minerals like fiber, calcium and magnesium. Eating avocados can help ease constipation, insomnia and even menopausal symptoms in women.

*Oatmeal. This is not just a fabulous breakfast choice, oatmeal can also be eaten before bed. The reason you can safely eat it before going to sleep is that oatmeal helps your body process the amino acid, tryptophan, which leads to a calming effect. Amino acids help your body produce neurotransmitters that determine your moods. It only makes sense to eat a food that can help your body produce good moods! Oatmeal contains carbohydrates that help bring on a feeling of calm and help you deal with stress.

*Spinach. This wonderfully green, leafy food contains folic acid which is thought to help counter depression. It also contains magnesium which can also have a calming effect on people. In some people, depression is brought on by a deficiency of folic acid. It has been found that an increase of as little as 200 micrograms, of folic acid is enough to decrease depression. This can obtained by eating a cup of cooked spinach. Please note: this is not a suggestion that simply eating spinach will make depression disappear, only that it may help decrease it.

It really is quite amazing the positive effect certain foods can have on people. Some of the best remedies for a bad mood can be found in nature. The calming effect these foods can have, with regular consumption, is worth giving them a try. The best part about some of these calming foods is that they are readily available at most local grocery stores and do not have to be specially ordered.