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Foods that help you Lose Weight

When you’re trying to lose weight, the types of foods you eat are just as important as the amounts of food you eat. Basically, weight loss occurs when you cnosume less calories than your body needs. While some foods should be relegated to occasional treats if you’re serious about losing weight, there are other foods that can actually help with weight loss.


Plain old water is the dieter’s best friend for two reasons. Often, people may think they’re hungry when really they’re thirsty, so always take a glass of water before putting something more substantial in your mouth. You’ll probably find you don’t need to eat after all. Drinking water before a meal will also take the edge off your appetite. This means you won’t eat so much, and you won’t eat so quickly.

While it may not make a significant difference at a single meal, if you get into the water habit you will reduce your calorie input significantly in the long term, which will help with weight loss. The other bonus is that water is virtually free, and it helps keep your skin looking young and clear. It’s nature’s beauty treatment.


All devotees of the Atkins Diet should look away now, because the potato is one of the dieter’s best friends. The potato only becomes a bad guy if you cook it in lots of fat or smother it in a creamy sauce. A baked potato makes a healthy and filling addition to any meal, and boiled or mashed potatoes are also diet friendly. Eat the skin as well, because the fibre that helps give the potato filling power is mainly in the skin.

Whole grains

Go brown if you want to lose weight. Whole wheat breakfast cereals, wholemeal bread and brown rice and pasta are high in fibre and filling power. As they’re also complex carbohydrates, they help to maintain blood sugar levels, which means you won’t get those sudden cravings for sweet things that can wreck the best of dietary intentions.

Low fat protein

Protein foods are filling, and your body needs protein for almost every function, so ensure your diet contains enough protein for health. Eggs, fish and poultry are good sources of lean protein, and they help you to stay fuller for longer. Beans and other legumes are also good sources of protein, so build your meals around one or more of these food items. You’ll be more likely to stick with your diet and lose that excess weight.

Back in the day, ‘going on a diet’ meant a miserable existence on lettuce leaves, but these days, everyone knows much more about nutrition and how the body metabolises different foods. No foods need to be forbidden, and some foods – such as those listed above – actually help you to lose weight.