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Foods that help Cure Constipation

Foods that help cure constipation are most often those which are high in roughage or natural fibre. These foods include different types of fruit and cereals but there are also other types of food which will help to cure constipation which may not always spring so readily to mind.

When we think of foods that help cure constipation, most of us will immediately think of certain types of fruit or fruit juice. Prunes and prune juice are common ones which people relate to in this way but the reality is that most fresh fruit can offer benefits in this respect. Citrus fruits such as oranges can very much help to relieve constipation but care should be taken not to consume too many in case the opposite effect is achieved.

Fresh vegetables are also high in fibre and can be used in a similar fashion to cure constipation. Beans and pulses – such as butter beans and red kidney beans – are particularly high in natural, soluble fibres and can provide the necessary solution in this respect.

Cereals which are high in natural fibre also help to relieve constipation. Bran is a very common food utilised in this respect and can be taken simply in the form of a breakfast cereal with milk or used to make such as a bran loaf or cake. Many other types of cereal found in such as muesli can also very effectively be used to help cure constipation.

In a similar sense, wholemeal breads and pastas which are made from these grains are equally high in fibre. These foods can often be more pleasant to consume than simple cereal and can therefore offer a tasty alternative with the same beneficial effect.

One very common food which may not always be associated with helping to cure constipation is hot and spicy food, such as curries. The spices in these foods can very often affect people in this way who are not looking for it to do so, therefore utilising these hot and spicy dishes when the need arises is always a way to enjoy them as we would like to and secure an additional benefit.

Foods that help cure constipation therefore need not be bland or unappetising but can be made to be very tasty and enjoyable as well as offering the sufferer relief from their malady. This means that there should be no need for artificial laxatives which can essentially do more harm than good if taken in anything approaching the longer term.