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Foods that Encourage Good looking Teeth or Food and Teeth

Having good looking teeth not only makes your smile more pleasant, it will also build your self confidence when in front of others. Such good looking teeth, in most instances, would be healthy teeth as well. Therefore, we all should know what can bring about such ‘good looks’ as well as ‘healthiness’ to our teeth. One of the most important of them all would be; the foods.

Foods can affect the teeth in many ways. They can influence the destruction as well as strengthening of the teeth by various modes. The supportive influences would be in the form of nutrition, acid reduction, dislodging the plaques, flossing effect, antibacterial effect via salivation, whitening effect, gum strengthening…etc. The damaging effects will come in the form of acids, formation of plaques, culture for bacteria, adherence to the enamel and chemical influences. Therefore, when we select the foods for eating, we should consider these elements and select appropriately.

Following will be few examples of foods which can influence our teeth in order to make them good looking as well as healthy.

1. Milk and yogurt

The fact that it contains calcium in high quantities itself would make it a vital portion in our diet as the teeth will need this calcium in order to maintain its structure. Apart from its nutritional benefit, these foods will not leave out fermentable sugars unless artificial sweeteners were added. Thus, it would be ideal snacks in-between meals as many people would not be able to brush their teeth after such snacks.

2. Fruits

Raw fruits and fruits containing lot of water will be ideal for the teeth and the oral cavity as a whole. Due to the increased salivation at times of taking raw foods, the oral acidity will also will dissipate along with the ability for the bacteria to sustain in the cavity. Additionally, these fruits will provide vital nutritional elements such as vitamin C, which will preserve the integrity of the gums and thus the teeth as well.

Therefore, eating fruits such as strawberry, water melons, papaya, apple…etc would be ideal in supporting good looking teeth. Even though citrus fruits are also vital supplements of vitamin C, soon after eating such fruits, the mouth should be rinsed with water to dissipate the acidity in the oral cavity.

3. Vegetables

Apart from the effects that were discussed in fruits regarding the rawness effect on teeth, these vegetables would also be a vital nutritional source. Carrots, pumpkin and sweet potatoes are ideal suppliers of vitamin A, which is required by the enamel of the teeth. Thus, eating vegetables, especially the raw vegetables would do lot to maintain the good looks of your teeth.

4. Water

Using plenty of water throughout the day as well as after each meal will rinse off and floss off the potential decaying agents and thus will protect the teeth and the gums.

Apart form the above mentioned foods, green tea, cheese, onions, high protein foods will also support good looking teeth and it should be remembered that what ever the foods you take, the ‘good looks’ of the teeth will not be seen unless you combine healthy practices such as frequent brushing along with good food selection.