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Foods that Affect the Cholesterol Level

There are many foods that are healthy as well as unhealthy. Unhealthy ones will definitely have to be junk foods as a whole. When talking about cholesterol levels, there are different categories to this. Some cholesterol levels aren’t as high and there are several factors that affect this. It can be categorized in the form of salt and oil intake. Too much of these are not healthy by all means.

It all boils down to eating habits and lifestyle pattern of an individual. Take breakfast, lunch and dinner. Consider the food intake in each of them. How much food is consumed with salt and oil. There might be a mixture of healthy options like vegetables and fruits but to consume meat with too much salt and oil and mix them up with a bowl of rice can be a tad too much. Especially when this meal is repeated as in having seconds and to be a routine pattern for 3 meals a day. That may most likely affect the cholesterol levels and at one point may prove to provide health hazard too.

A balanced diet and healthy meals will always be in the top list when it comes to eating healthy. Choose ingredients that will not have much add-on of oil and salt and at the same time, to mix the meal up with most nutrients, if not all. Be selective and rotate your meals consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, fiber and other nutrients. Replace your cooking oil with olive oil and rice with brown rice or best, stick to eating the wholemeal bread. That can never go wrong in terms of great health factor. In fact, most meals that have either wheat or oat substances can contribute to a healthy living and in the long run, if one sticks to this, the cholesterol level might go down.

Do a bit of homework and if you must, draw up a pie-chart as to which foods contain the different nutrients that you need to plan out for your 3 meals a day. Plan a week’s meal, if you want to, and stick to it. Hence, there will be no worries as to added cholesterol level. Check your labels before purchasing too. They are normally at the back of the packaging. There will be the amount of cholesterol level indicated and choose those that are not high at all. For eggs, there are even those in lower cholesterol level and reduce your intake. If you can consume 1-3 eggs per week, that should be good enough.

In fact, not just the cholesterol level, but do consider other health areas like controlling your sugar level too. You wouldn’t want to be lowering your cholesterol level and maintaining it on a healthy level, but getting another sickness like diabetes instead. Do your homework, stick to your plan and get some healthy exercise too for a healthy living. Foods that affect cholesterol levels are there, but the choice has to start with you.