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Food Additives that are Good for you

While most food additives are generally not good for you there are a few that bolster our health by providing nutrients that may be lacking in some diets due to bad choices, unavailability or the cost of eating a well balanced selection of foods. The following list contains some of the food additives that are good for you and why.

*Vitamin D In Milk

Vitamin D has been added to milk since the 1930s to prevent the wide spread disease known as rickets, which is the deformity and impeded growth of long bones in children. Vitamin D also fights osteomalacia, which is a painful bone-thinning disorder in adults, and osteoporosis, which causes a weakening of the bone density.

*Iodine In Salt

In the 1920s salt companies started adding a minute amount of iodine to salt because it is a necessary nutrient that is not found in the soil in all parts of the world. If iodine isn’t present in the soil, it isn’t present in the plants we grow to eat and we may suffer from a thyroid problem. The symptoms are weakness, feeling tired and depression.

*Vitamin C In Many Foods

We need vitamin C for the production, growth and repair of all body tissues and to fight free radicals that damage our body. Because vitamin C is water soluble and cannot be stored by the body, it is necessary that we consume it everyday and using it as an additive in a variety of foods insures we get enough.


Many foods are fortified with calcium because our bodies need a steady supply of calcium for muscle contraction, nerves to function, and for our blood to clot properly. Because calcium is stored in the bones our body draws from that source when calcium is needed. Too many withdrawals without replenishment can cause brittle unhealthy bones.

*Prebiotics and Probiotics

Our guts are a good indicator of our overall health because most of our body’s defense system is located there. Additives such as prebiotics and probiotics in dairy products and juices help to keep our digestive system healthy and it in turn protects the rest of our body.


Fiber is an important part of our diet and not consuming enough can lead to a myriad of health problems. Due to the processing methods used today for converting grains into breads, pasta and cereal much of the fiber is removed. Manufacturers now replace the fiber because consumers are becoming more health conscious.

*Omega-3 essential fatty acids

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are only found in certain fish, a few plants and a few nuts, which means that those who cannot afford these foods lack this important nutrient. The lack of it has been linked to increased changes of developing cancer, asthma and many other diseases such as dementia and Attention Deficient Disorder.

It isn’t always easy to eat what is best for us but choosing foods with these healthy additives will help you get enough of those important nutrients that are necessary for good health and may be lacking in your diet.