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Food Addiction Child Obesity Answers for Child Obesity

Technology is really changing the way that our children are growing up. As parents it is so much easier these days to say “Go watch TV” or “Go play your video games”. What ever happened to the days when parents would actually spend time with their children, without the use of technology? Kids are becoming less active, thus making them susceptible to gaining weight. Not saying that we have not all said these things to our children a time or two, or that it the parents fault.

That brings me to the next part of this article, on Food Addiction. Whether you believe it or not, it does exist. For some reason the stomach does not send the message to the brain that it is full, thus making the child believe that they are not full.An Example of this can be something like after just finishing a meal, your child comes back to find the parent just to tell them that they are Hungry. When the parent tells the child that they may not have anything until snack time, they start throwing a temper-tantrum. Freaking out because they can not have food at that moment. You may try distracting them by taking a toy out and trying to play with them. They get distracted for the second, but the moment you put the toy down, they run back to the kitchen to find something to eat. When a child has a food addiction they may result to sneaking out of their rooms in the middle of the night to get into the pantry or refrigerator. For the younger ones with food addiction you can buy child proof locks for pantries and refrigerators. The older ones you may have to actually put a chain and lock around the refrigerator.

There are many different reasons your child may be obese.Genes, it maybe in their genetic make up. The second is portion control. It may seem easier just to have the child make their own plate of food. (Hey less hassle for you,right) wrong, as the parent you should be watching what you are putting on their plate.The last reason could be food is their comfort, like a baby carrying around a blanket. Food can not hurt you, it is always there for you. You can not fight with food, it is almost like food is their best friend.

Remember being their parent also means being a role model for your child. It would not hurt to take a day or two out of the week turn off all electronics,(well except the radio)break out those board games and spend some quality time with your child or children. If it is summer find things to do outside, to keep your child or children active.

So to place blame on the parent really depends on the situation. If you are not paying attention to your childs food intake, maybe you should. Just remember everything you do in life has an impact on your child.