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Flu Prevention the Natural way

Natural and imaginative ways to prevent flu make it much easier to stay healthy throughout the influenza season. All you really need to do to prevent flu is to boost your body’s immunity, in ways that are imaginative and effective.

It does not take much imagination to know that you can prevent flu by staying healthy. Eat plenty of nutritious food, drink healthy beverages, and of course you should not be smoking if you intend to stay healthy. Your daily diet should provide plenty of vitamins, minerals, and immune boosting antioxidants.

~ If you want to prevent flu by taking herbal supplements, or use natural spices as flu preventing remedies, always seek expert advice before you start.

* Natural Antioxidants

For most people the taking of vitamin C supplements will not reduce the risk of flu. A more imaginative way to prevent flu is to enjoy a delicious fruit smoothie every day, or drink natural pure fruit juice and eat fruit every day. Fruits and berries are naturally high in vitamin C and highly effective in providing antioxidants to boost the immune system.

Ginseng is a natural plant extract that available as a food supplement. Ginseng helps the body to resist infection, and it can be used to prevent flu .

Echinacea is well known as an immunity boosting herb. To be effective in the prevention of flu it should be taken every day for two weeks. Then the immune system needs a week’s break before you start taking echinacea again, daily for a further two weeks, followed by another break.

The powerful antioxidants in green tea are known to inhibit the common cold virus, and green tea extract can be used to prevent flu.

Drinking ginger tea during the influenza season is an imaginative way to prevent flu, and is also a good natural remedy for sore throats.

~ Prepare your own ginger tea with a piece of fresh ginger root, peeled and thinly sliced. Add the ginger to about four cups of boiling water in a saucepan. Cover the pan and reduce the heat, leaving it to simmer for 15-20 minutes. After straining, you can add a slice of lemon, or a little lemon juice, and use honey to sweeten.

* Positive Action

To prevent flu you need to stay active, and maintain a positive attitude. Regular exercise is recommended for this. Good aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, will boost your body’s immune system, and it acts a natural antidepressant.

* Relaxation

Lack of sleep can lower your body’s immunity, so to prevent flu do try to ensure you get enough rest, relaxation and sleep. A soothing massage is a simple way to reduce stress levels. It will help you to relax and to sleep well. Having regular therapeutic massages is a great way to increase your natural immunity and prevent flu.

Imaginative ways to prevent flu by boosting the immune system will also make you feel good and healthy, so you will no longer need to fear the influenza season.