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Five Fun Ideas that will get you Walking for Fitness

Walking has been a sensation for the past few years. More and more people are taking time out of their busy schedules to walk for health and fitness reasons. Join this big craze and walk for exercise. Keeping a walking routine for 5 days a week, 30 minutes a day will get you on the fitness and weight loss track.

One important note about the summer months that are here, don’t walk during the high noon and hottest times of the day. Stick to early mornings where it’s cooler and the sun is less intense or after the sun goes down in the evening.

Remember to stay hydrated, ensure you are comfortable with your footwear and wear clothing that’s easy to move in. Stay safe by warming up 5 minutes and cooling down 5 minutes any time you workout. Below you’ll find five great ways to burn more calories, intensify your walk and incorporate some fun.

1. Interval it up!

You’ve probably have heard this word before when it comes to fitness, doing an interval is going into short bursts of high intensity. This word is key for people who want to optimize their fat and calorie burn. Walking slow and steady is great as a start but it won’t be the best in the end, keep a fast yet comfortable pace that will get your heart pumping then add two or three intervals during your walk. The way to add intervals is to space it out during your walk, jog or run in bursts of 30 to 90 seconds before returning your previous pace. Be sure to space intervals out so you have adequate recovery time, about 3-5 minutes at least. This will have your heart revved up and your body responding to the levels of intensity.

2. Walk Dance?

Yes, that’s what I said, walk dance. We all love bringing our personal music devices with us, listening to inspired music to pass the time. Doing this while walking is wonderful but sometimes you just want to dance to your favorite songs, so what’s stopping you? Walk where you won’t feel so exposed if this type of thing makes you feel shy when your neighbors drive by. Have a play list queued up with all the songs you like to dance, songs that you know will keep you moving and wanting to move as you walk. Keeping your pace is always the key to being successful with walking so don’t lose your pace when you want to dance. Use your whole body, move with the music, use your hips for some added sway, move your arms and shoulders. Involving your body while walking will increase burn and add some surprising fun to your routine!

3. Tone while you walk.

Carry small weights, use wrist weights or even one or two 5lb things you find around the house. Ensure you are able to grip these things comfortably and remember you’re taking them for a walk so you’ll have them with you the whole time. I enjoy using kettle bells, they come in 5lbs and have a nice handle to grip as opposed to dumbells. This added weight will intensify your work out, lift the weights as you walk to tone your arms. A great way to get those pesky triceps is by starting with the weight over head inhale as you lower the weight behind the head then exhale as you push it back up. Doing 2 sets of 10 will get you started for a great day and nice tank top arms! Don’t forget to keep at a pace that’s comfortable for you and you can always include intervals that will step up your walk and get you shedding those pounds.

4. Lift your legs, march march march.

Yes, as you have gotten your pace and you’re ready to move on to something more challenging consider doing just one simple thing, lift your legs! The higher you lift your legs the more you burn and it’s a great lower body work out as well. This is a fun way to walk in a wacky sense, march like a band major or see how far in front you can kick while you walk. Do it any way you want just keep those knees high and your hopes for losing those pounds higher.

5. Be adventurous.

Walking is an adventure but you don’t have to do it in the same place everyday (unlike the gym which doesn’t change buildings). Find the biggest hill in you area and walk that, take the nature path or the path along the beach. Many cities have lovely landscapes and parks take routes that will pass by landmarks or go through the park. Walk a trail, it’s a fun, educational and great way to introduce exercise. Bring your friends if you want to walk a trail and make sure to pick a trail that will be comfortable for everyone and at everyones fitness level.

Try these ideas throughout your weeks or pick out the ones you like the best, do a few at the same time to add more of a challenge. Use these ideas to get out there and move, if all you do is walk once a day then that’s one more thing you’re going to ensure you’re living actively.