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Fitness Weight Versus Mass

Weight vs. Mass

I’ve heard the same question a lot, and it’s always the same. “I’m losing weight, but I’m not getting any smaller. Can you help me?” My reply, “Of course I can help you, but you need to understand the difference between weight and mass first.”

What is weight?

Weight is how much something weighs with regards to how much gravity is pressing against the mass of the body. It is true, however that the bigger you are the more you weigh. This is because there is more area for gravity to press against, thus making your weight heavier. Fat is a key component in your weight, as is muscle weight. However, one of the keys is mass. So in an essence if you want to lose inches from your physique, then you should focus on shaving off fatty layers between your muscles and your skin, and not so much on losing weight. For the record, muscle does weigh quiet a bit, so don’t get discouraged just because you aren’t losing weight. Toning your body will sliver off the excess fatty layers, and in turn will help you to create the body you’ve always wanted.

Most people that start exercise programs will drop pounds at the beginning, but as they began toning and refining their muscles they will gain some of it back. Again, do not get discouraged. Your newly developing physique is at war with your old physique, and the process takes some time. You surely have heard the tales of dropping a miraculous twenty pounds in six-weeks or the boasts of a complete body change in the same amount of time, but they don’t tell you what happened next.

The time it takes one person to reach their goals varies. It is dependent on their bodies and their drive to do better. Everyone is different, so you can not compare yourself to anyone else. Set your own realistic goals and work toward them, not toward anyone else’s.

Those stubborn fatty layers can be reduced and reduced drastically with a few small steps. Steps that aren’t unobtainable for average people.

The first step is your diet. Eating a healthier diet lowers the fat content in your body, and lowering the amount of fat that lies between your muscles and your skin will allow your muscles the room they need to strengthen and tone. They won’t have to fight for dominance among the layers of fat, thus allowing your body to take on a slimmer and more toned appearance. Reducing the fat layer will allow you to show off your toned muscles that are hiding underneath it all.

The next thing you should focus on is tightening and toning the newly appeared muscle tissue. This is done with a strength-training regime. Using free weights and other types of weight machines, make your muscles work harder and then repair themselves. Each time you work’ a particular muscle group you should experience a small amount of discomfort. This discomfort is caused from tiny tears in the muscle tissue, and when the muscle repairs itself while recovering from a workout it tends to tighten and strengthen. The discomfort should dissipate within 48 hours at the most. Not allowing your body time to repair its muscles will set up the perfect situation for a sports injury, so it is important not to over train a muscle group. To avoid over training you should wait at least 48 hours between working a muscle group. For instance, if you do a leg routine on Saturday, do not train legs again until Monday or later.

The last and probably most important step is to increase your cardio routines. Cardio workouts play a vital role in minimizing fat tissue and toning muscles. A good’ workout has a cardio warm-up session of at least 10 minutes, before advancing on to another type of workout (i.e. strength training). Then after completing the other workout, you should aim for a cardio cool-down session for at least another 10 minutes. This cool-down period should be used to reduce your heart rate and slow yourself down. You should consider adding another day into your workout week for merely cardio. On this day do nothing but cardio exercise for about thirty minutes to an hour. This will help condition your heart for its new role in your life. Your heart is a muscle too, and it needs to be strengthened and toned too.

As you complete the needed changes to your routine, then the fat will fall away from your body. However, remember that weight does not equal fat. Weight merely means mass. Mass is not an enemy, but the fatty layers covering your muscles are.