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Fitness Mistakes

Avoiding many common mistakes during a work out can prevent injury and will help you always get the most out of your workout. The following fitness mistakes are in no particular order. It’s safe to assume you’re doing at least a few. Take a look at this list, be honest with yourself, and make those changes to get to most out of every work out!

1. Skipping your Warm Up and Cool Down

In a rush? Don’t forget to warm up! Don’t skip that cool down! Warming up your muscles and cooling down after a workout allows transition time for your heart and body. Always warm up and cool down completely. The 10 minutes on each side of your workout is just as important as the workout itself!

2. Rushing your Workout

Performing 20 reps is great but are you maintaining good posture? Or are you just trying to add more repetitions to your workout? Always make sure you are performing your exercises correctly. Concentrate on proper form and posture. Slow and steady wins the race!

3. Too Much or Too Little Workout

Moderate exercise is the key to fitness. A very hard workout will make you sore and set your exercise routine back a few days. A light workout won’t bring you the results you desire. Find a happy medium. Work up a sweat but don’t exhaust yourself. You shouldn’t be sweat free when leaving the gym. If your makeup and hair look ready for a debutante’s ball after your workout, you didn’t work out enough!

4. Not Enough Variety

Ever heard that variety is the spice of life? It’s the same with exercise. Many people pick a routine and stick with it to the point of complete boredom. Change up your fitness routine with a power walk, a bike ride, some step climbing at home, or some gardening. Throw in a yoga class for some variety. Your workout regimen should include cardio workouts, strength training, flexibility work, and core strengthening. As you vary your routine, you’ll find exercising becomes the inspiring and exhilarating part of your life that it should be!

5. Water, Water and More Water!

Drink water. Before, during, and after your workout. You’ll have beautiful skin and more energy for daily tasks, including your exercise routine.

6. Forgetting to Make Fitness a Lifestyle Change

Exercise betters the body and mind. Fitness success comes from committing yourself to making good health part of your lifestyle. Appreciate what you are doing to contribute to your better health every day!

7. Comparing Yourself to Others

See that chick on the treadmill who’s a 9 or 10? What about the guy with the physique of an NFL receiver? It’s so easy to measure yourself against others. Don’t do it! Your body is YOURS and your fitness goals are your own. Measure your fitness with your own yardstick!

8. Improper Footwear

Our feet and legs carry us through the day, valiantly taking steps, jumping curbs, hopping in and out of cars. It puts a tremendous strain on our backs when we exercise in bad shoes. Protect your back, legs, and feet with a good pair of workout shoes that are designed specifically for the exercise you are performing.

9. Eat Properly

Focusing on eating the correct foods can make every fitness goal attainable. Your body needs a heart healthy diet of lean proteins, lots of green vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains. Limit fats and cholesterol. Skip that fast food! Your workouts will produce even better results and you’ll feel better too!

10. Stretch after your Workout

Take 10 minutes after you cool down and stretch your muscles after your workout. Since your muscles are warm and pliable, you’ll increase your range of motion and the blood flow to your muscles. These stretches will make your next workout even more effective!