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Fitness Core Muscles Stabilizer Muscles Balance

Core muscles are what? Where are they? What do they do? Most of us don’t know enough about the core muscles and believe it or not they are a very important group of muscles. These muscles are the most forgotten muscle groups and could be the most important muscle group there is. Core muscles are used each and every day in every movement we make yet not much is ever said about them.

Core muscles are the muscled that are located inside the body. They are the ones that are not seen so most people don’t spend a lot of time on them. These muscles are the ones that run up the inside of the body as well as around the body helping to hold our innards in. These muscles are also the muscles that strengthen our back and help posture. These are our stabilizer muscles that will hold us steady however these muscles are not seen from the out side.

Core muscles are the most forgotten muscle groups and are one of the most important muscle groups there are. Most gym goers or fitness newbies want those muscles that look good right? Tight abs and strong arms and a lean body are the goals most people have. We all like that look of strong arms and fit body, but having strong core muscles gives a lot more benefits other than just looking good.

Training core muscles help us in so many ways and will benefit everyone from children to senior citizens. These muscles work with the whole body making it stronger from the inside out. When these muscles are strong they hold you upright making you walk tall. It will help with posture and back pain. It also has a lot to do with balance.

These muscles are often called the stabilizer muscles. Have you ever seen a dancer or a person that does marital arts slump or be off balance? That is due to the core muscle group being strong and well developed. It also gives you a smother range of motion making their movements look graceful and less choppy.

Overall, people with strong core muscles are going to have better posture and a more developed since of balance. They are going to have stronger backs and a more graceful range of motion. Core muscles have a host of benefits and defiantly deserve a lot more attention then they are getting.