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Fit through the Holidays

Developing a good physique is hard. Once you’ve manifested a solid workout routine, the hard part begins; maintaining it. Now of course we are all aware that everyone has a different metabolism and workout schedule, however that doesn’t mean that staying fit over the winter break is an impossible mission to accomplish.

This will be a challenge on yourself to determine exactly how much mental strength you possess. Set your goals, and schedule, and incorporate it into your winter break. It can be as simple as going for an early morning run, Monday through Friday so that you’ve burned your calories, and gotten it out of your way from your daily activities. If you’re someone with extreme definition and results; you may want to do more than just run for an hour a day. Again, an adjustment due to different body forms, training levels and metabolisms.

Truth be told; most people like to take a break from routines and repetitive daily events. The reasoning being, only because it’s become repetitive, and nobody likes the same thing over and over; at least not without some time off. This is where the mental strength switch to remain on track needs to be switched on. You can re arrange your daily ventures and activities; providing you keep a steady workout plan within them.

Another strong recommendation is to do sets of sit ups, push ups, and pull ups if you can every other day. This gives your body a reminder to what it has accomplished, and maintains your physical form. This can be done in a mere half hour each day you commit to doing it. Quick, simple, satisfying and productive. Every body’s ideal version of an effective work out; winter break or not.

Between all of the eggnog, parties, and people you visit and visa versa; your fitness must be at par. It’s winter break, you’re tired, relaxed, and enjoying the time off of work or school; it’s understandable. However, with a little bit of persistence and protein, your body can not only maintain its’ look throughout the break, but maybe even improve if you put in the work.

Divide your workouts like you do in the gym: into a series of sets. One day biceps, abs and shoulders; the next day you throw on the weight below the waist and pump up your legs and calves with a longer, more intensified run.

What do you want to accomplish during the winter break besides good laughs and gifts? Ask yourself that, answer that question, and get to work. Get up, don’t sit. Stay sharp, keep fit.