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Fit at Work keep Fit at Work Fitness at Work Keeping Fit at Work

Keeping fit at work can be done! Let us start with three broad ideas and branch off from there. One-move around. Two-eat smart. Three-drink water. Doesn’t sound too difficult! The key is self-control and determination.

Move around? Yes! Take the stairs to the parking lot. Take the stairs to the bathroom. Take the stairs during break. Take the stairs! Get up and walk. Walk around the building on break. Walk in the park during lunch. Walk! Stand up and stretch. Bend a little. Twist a little. Stretch! Do not sit the entire day. Move! Make silly excuses to get up. Moving burns calories and boosts metabolism. Make excuses to get fit at work!

Eat smart? Yes! Always eat a healthy breakfast. Never skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Energize with breakfast! Do not snack all day between meals. What’s that going to do? Small portions at each meal is critical. Eat lean meats, green vegetables, and fruits for lunch and dinner. Skip on the fast food. Bring your food to work with you or go home. Reduce calorie intake and lose weight fast! Eat right. Eat healthy. Eat smart to get fit at work!

Drink water?! Yes! Absolutely! Drink plenty of water. Recommendation is 8 glasses of water per day. Drinking water curves appetite. It also helps in eating less at each meal. Substitute water for sweets. Substitute water for caffeine. Wake up with water! Stay alert and focused with water. Do your body right with some water. Hydrate to get fit at work! Doesn’t sound too difficult, right? Because it’s not!

Recap. Wake up and eat a nutritious breakfast. Take the stairs and move around. Do not snack on junk mid morning. Eat light and lean for lunch. Walk it off in the afternoon. Do not sit your afternoon away. Remember to drink 2-3 glasses of water in the morning and evening. You can do this! Move around! Eat smart! Drink water! Keep fit at work!