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First Aid Treatment for Gastric Problems

Gastric problems affect 20% of people of all ages and can represent an annoying and painful problem that requires prompt “first aid” to alleviate symptoms.

Gastro-esophageal reflux is otherwise known as heartburn and occurs when the contents of the stomach rise up into the throat giving you a sensation of burning, a nasty taste in the mouth and difficulty with swallowing.

Ulcers can be extremely painful and occur on the surface of the digestive tract.

Sometimes the human body will have difficulty completely emptying the stomach. This can lead to nausea, vomiting and heartburn.

It is important to consult a doctor before self prescribing because each condition exhibits symptoms which are very similar. Although your problems can range from pain, nausea, regurgitation, gas, loss of appetite and weight, a doctor will be able to pinpoint a precise condition by distinguishing each element according to the time that they occur, how often you suffer with them and where you are when they occur.

Most medications can be purchased over the counter and will treat the problem in various ways such as helping to reduce irritation by inhibiting stomach acid, regulate the speed that the stomach empties itself, gives extra support to the natural protective stomach lining and destroy the bacteria that can cause ulcers.

If dealt with promptly most gastric problems will clear up in a couple of days. If the condition reoccurs or becomes more problematic the doctor may change the mode of treatment.

Dealing with gastric troubles can come as a matter of trial and error for some people who will learn to live with their problem by changing certain aspects of their lifestyle. In this respect, prevention can be better than a cure.

For example, if you find that your acid reflux is worse when you are asleep, then you could try raising the head of your bed so that you slumber in a lightly raised position. Avoid eating late at night and at least two hours before you go to bed. Avoid eating or cut down on citrus fruit, tomatoes and spicy foods and try to cut down on smoking, drinking alcohol and drinking tea and coffee.

Changing your lifestyle in such a drastic way can be difficult and cannot guarantee that it will completely get rid of the problem. For remedies that offer a much more immediate solution and offer temporary relief to the patient without resorting to medication, you may find first aid treatment in your kitchen cupboard.

First Aid Treatment:

Drink ginger tea after you have eaten a meal (aids digestion)

Change your usual tea for a mint or chamomile herbal choice (aids digestion)

Drink two tsp’s of baking soda in a glass of water.

Chew a handful of almonds when heartburn persists.

Cut a lemon into thin strips, dip in salt and eat before meals.

Eat a banana slowly on a daily basis.

Take 1 tsp of mustard

Chew Basil leaves to help get relief from burning, nausea and gas.

Frequent intake of coconut water on a daily basis will decrease the symptoms of acidity and heartburn.

Eat fibre rich meals which will help to absorb excess acid and gas.

Drink plenty (at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily)

Eat raw broccoli

Chew a piece of gum

Drink a teaspoon of vinegar.

Yogurt or ice-cream gives immediate relief from acidity and heartburn.

Eat at regular times. Skipped meals will cause gas or wind.

Gastric problems will affect everyone at some point in their life. If you treat the problem promptly with “first aid” using natural remedies gleaned from your groceries you usually find that the problem will settle down over fairly quickly. However, if your symptoms worsen, occur on a regular basis, gives you real pain or discomfort, then you are advised to see your health practitioner who can give you a more informed diagnosis of your condition and rule out any underlying, more serious condition.