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First Aid for a Knocked out Tooth

If you have a tooth knocked out, or are with someone who has a tooth knocked out, work fast! You may be able to have the tooth put back!

First thing, you or somebody else needs to call the dentist and get an immediate appointment, telling them it is a dental emergency with a knocked out tooth.

Next, the person not on the phone needs to do the following: Right away collect the tooth and rinse it with (I kid you not) milk or a saline solution. ONLY HANDLE the tooth by the crown. You must not touch the root. You need to keep the tooth moist, so the best option is to try to get it right back into the socket it came from. If you can get it in there, have the injured person hold it in place. If they can’t keep it in place, see if they can just keep it in their mouth. If that is not possible, are you willing to keep it in your mouth?

If nobody wants to or is able to store the tooth in their mouth, go ahead and put it in a small cup of MILK. Then get to the dentist.

As for the injured mouth, get some ice and put it right on the socket to stop bleeding and keep swelling down. When the bleeding is stopped, but the ice in a bag and hold it on the outside of the mouth next to the injured area. Keep the swelling down. The injured person should try hard not to swallow much blood, as that can make them sick.

And get to the dentist right away!