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First Aid everyone should know

If you prepare yourself ahead of time, you’re more likely to be able to help someone who is injured or is in need of some other type of medical assistance when an emergency arises. That’s why there are some first aid tips that everyone should know.

The most obvious kind of first aid that everyone should know is CPR. It’s quite often taught in school and sometimes in other environments such as on the job or as a class offered by the Red Cross. When you think about it, there is no good reason that anyone shouldn’t learn how to do CPR so that they’ll be able to help if someone is a victim of drowning or has a heart attack or is electrocuted or has some other problem that causes them to quit breathing or their heart to stop.

Along with CPR, everyone should learn about the Heimlich maneuver and what to do to help someone who is choking, which is one of the more likely things that most people will ever encounter.

Also, everyone should have some idea of what to do if someone is bleeding, which means knowing about the different types of cuts and then what to do about each. They should know that regardless of the type of cut, the objective is to stop the bleeding, because bleeding is always a bad thing. They should be able to spot the difference between superficial cuts and deep arterial bleeding for example and what to do for each. They should also know what to do with puncture wounds and wounds that cover very large areas of the skin. Knowing this kind of stuff might very well mean the difference between being able to help someone and watching them die.

Everyone should also know what to do if someone is in shock due, regardless of cause. This is because shock victims can quite often develop other conditions that can very quickly become life threatening.

And along with learning what to do with victims of shock, everyone should learn what to do with someone who has an obvious injury such as a sprain, broken bone, or severe bruising. All of those injuries can lead to shock which can cause unconsciousness and even death if not treated properly.

And finally, everyone should learn what to do if someone in their vicinity should happen to suffer from a head injury that makes the person show obvious signs of brain trauma, such as a concussion. This has become more relevant in recent years as more research has shown that what is done in the first few minutes after a football concussion for example, can be critical.