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First Aid course Online Training Free

You can get free First Aid training online at http://firstaidcpronline.com/FirstAid.htm . The company’s name is simply Online First Aid and CPR Certification and they have an online First Aid course and it’s all on one page. There are some cool pics and it’s easy to read. If you need one for work or something, you can purchase a 2 year printable certification card. You can also purchase a laminated card or a wall certificate. This company has been online and offering free courses since 2006. In addition to First Aid, they also offer a CPR certification course online.

Their First Aid course goes over bite wounds, bruises, burns, choking, cuts and scrapes, electrocution, fractures, head injuries, nosebleeds and puncture wounds. It also has a 20 question test at the end. After you take the course, you can click on http://firstaidcpronline.com/FirstAidTestResults.htm to see how you did on the test. It’s not super difficult, but I missed one or two and found the answers after I saw them on that page.

Online First Aid and CPR Certification offers its courses in Spanish. All you need to do is click the Spanish/Mexican flag and the page will automatically be translated by Babelfish. If you continue clicking around after it translates a page, all of the subsequent pages will be translated as well. A cool feature.

On their testimonials page, there are notes from several different happy clients of theirs. These clients are from all different fields like nurses, doctors and educators. There are also some from sports trainers. It appears to be a well-liked site.

The site offers group discounts to “schools, companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations and clubs with 5 or more people.” All you have to do is contact them and let them know about your group. I have not tried this because I simply took the courses as an individual. However, I can say that I quickly received a couple of professional-looking, printable certification cards in my email box. I was able to print them on my printer without any trouble. Another cool feature.

The certification cards cost $24.99 per card. I checked around the web and this seems to be on the inexpensive side; just under the going rate. It’s the same rate for certification or re-certification.

This company uses PayPal to process their online payment transactions. Through PayPal, they accept credit and debit cards and e-checks.