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Finding Release and Peace through inner Healing at the Beach Mountains or Park

It is essential to our health that we find a release and experience inner peace. This can be done through inner healing. When stress and tension build up in our lives, it affects our health, happiness and well-being. We all need to find release and peace within ourselves.

In many cases, you have a favorite place to be that relaxes you. This is probably the best place to be to attempt to inner healing. You’ll be relaxed and can focus on positive thoughts and release the stress and negative energy that is within you.

Your favorite place can be a quiet room in your home, near a waterfall or at a nearby park. For many people, including myself, the beach is a favorite place and allows healing just by providing a great and relaxing atmosphere that welcomes release just by its presence.

There is something truly magical about the beach. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore replace the sounds of every day life and take you to a place of tranquility and peace. The purity of the white sand along with the salty breeze is the perfect invitation to sit down on the beach, relax and find your own inner peace.

If you’re not near a beach but find it to be a relaxing place, try to set up a “home-made beach” to enjoy instead. Buy a cd of ocean waves, a candle that is beach breeze scented and a fan. Set up a chair in the sun, play the cd, light the candle and turn on the fan.

The beach is the easiest place in the world to lose yourself and become completely relaxed. The scenery is beautiful and the breeze is comfortable. The rest is up to you. You are one with Mother Nature. You are in a place where time doesn’t matter. The beauty and solemness of the beach is everlasting.

When life is stressful, our health is compromised. We are “stressed out”, busy and we “can’t find a free moment”. The best break to leave life’s stress behind and focus on yourself is to take a trip to the beach or to your favorite place.

Obviously, we can’t all take a week or as most of us wish, a month, to go on vacation to the beach, the mountains or our favorite park. However, for those who live withing driving distance, a few hours is a healthy and rewarding break. If at all possible, plan an overnight trip or a couple of days.

If your destination is the beach, get a hotel room or condo on the beach. When you’re not physically lying on the sand, you can still relax to the sound of the waves and the scent of the salty breeze. The best sleep I’ve ever experienced was in a room overlooking the beach. I left the storm doors open and the windows up to the bedroom. I fell asleep to the sound of the waves and the scent of the ocean.

For some people, the cool mountain air is the best medicine. A cabin in the mountains is just as relaxing as a beach condo for those who prefer the cool, quiet mountain atmosphere.

To also awake to the sound and smell of the beach or mountains is a wonderful start to a new day. It is hard to be stressed about the day ahead when you wake up to the fresh morning air and beautiful scenery.

The next time you need to find inner peace, complete relaxation and time for yourself, take a trip to the beach, the mountains or your favorite park and let it work its magic on you. For the best results, follow the following guidelines on your trip.

Do not take your cell phone with you. Leave it in the room or in your car and check it only when you return.

Do not take your kids. Leave them at their grandparents for the day or the weekend.

Do not drink alcohol in the sun.

Do not bake yourself in the sun. A sunburn is miserable and you are there to relax, not cook yourself.

Lastly, do not think. Turn off your to do list running through your head. Just enjoy nature and let your mind be at rest.