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Finding a Workout Buddy

A workout buddy can make a workout more interesting. You can motivate each other and become more committed to the program. It is very important to find the right workout buddy for you because the wrong person can actually hold you back. Take the time to find the best buddy to advance your exercising program.

Before you start your search for an exercise buddy, decide on the details of your exercise plan. For instance, you should think about when you have time to exercise. You do not want to find a great exercise buddy only to realize that you can only exercise in the morning while she can only exercise at night. Also, consider the type of exercise you want to do. If you are specifically looking for someone for a specific type of exercise such as jogging, biking, aerobics or a sport like tennis, then you want to be able to tell this to potential buddies. Of course you can be flexible. Also think about how often you want to exercise with a buddy.

Once you have decided what you want, think about the people that you know who might be interested in being a workout buddy. You can ask family members or friends if they are interested. Remember that you can have more than one workout buddy, and of course he or she does not have to join you for every single workout.

Depending on the type of exercise you will be doing together you might want to find someone who is at a similar level to you. For instance, if you are jogging, you do not want someone who needs to take a break every five minutes if you can run for an hour straight. However, depending on the type of exercise you do, it may not matter. If you just want someone to join you at the gym, then it will not matter if he or she uses lighter weights or sets the treadmill on a slower speed. Consider the exact type of exercise to decide whether they need to be at a similar level to you.

Another great place to find a workout buddy is a gym or another exercise place. It might be someone you always see at your aerobics class, for instance.

Once you have approached the person, talk about the details of your exercise program to make sure that they match. Also talk about the roles you each want to play. For instance, do you want to spot or help motivate each other or just exercise side by side?

After you start exercising, evaluate how things are going with the exercise buddy. If you find that it is actually hindering your workout routine then do not be afraid to change.

An exercise buddy can make exercise more fun. The above steps can help you find the right person for you.