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Fat Burner Kick Start your Metobolism Speed up Metabolism

Kick-start your metabolism by exercising. It comes down to the three C’s. “Change” what you eat. “Change” how much you eat and exercise. “Change” when you exercise. It is that simple.


It’s great to exercise at any time; however the BEST time is in the morning between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. There are a few advantages to early morning exercises. 1) You put your metabolism into over drive. 2) You burn more calories. 3) You allow your body to produce energy and endorphins that will hold you all day. 4) You keep burning calories hours later. It doesn’t get any better than that. Why? When you get up in the morning to exercise you allow your brain to produce energy and those “feel good” hormones called endorphins.


It is about what type of exercises you do. Pilates have received great reviews over the years about how well help people lose weight. Pilates are a combination of exercises that contain abdominal stretches, weight lifting and cardio. To target that trouble area around the mid section, I suggest lying on a mat with your legs together and your arms extended toward your toes. Slowly lift your legs off the mat. Do crunches lying on your back and on your sides.


If you want to lose weight, start drinking more water. Water is great because it cleans out your body and allows necessary vitamins and minerals to travel to your organs more effectively. It also decreases your appetite. Get your drink on.


If you are bored with a routine, mix it up a bit. One day, invite a few friends to go with you to the gym. You could even have a dance contest at your house. Instead of going to gym on Monday’s, go on Friday. Try listening to your favorite music while you take a nice walk. There are many ways to make losing weight fun.


Eating correctly, involves two things. How much you eat and what you eat. It is important to incorporate the following meals in your try it plan. Make sure to have healthy snacks like trail mix or dried apricots every hour so your blood sugar remains stable. This will also keep your metabolism fast. In the morning, eat a small bowl of oatmeal, along with egg whites and blue berries. No fried foods. For lunch, have a grilled chicken Caesar salad with black olives. This salad contains your lean chicken for protein, tomatoes for lipozine, cucumbers, red onions, and lettuce for foliage. For dinner, I suggest wild salmon, a baked potato and spinach. Keep portions small.


Green tea has been proven to expedite weight loss and improve overall health in individuals. This is because green tea contains EGCG which is great anti oxidant. It is known to thwart the development of cancer cells, lower bad cholesterol and stop the abnormal production of blood clots. Drink up and lose weight.


Lastly, get 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Studies show that people who get more sleep lose more weight and people who get less sleep gain more weight. So get some rest!

Overall, losing that annoying belly fat and speeding up metabolism takes change and action. Modify what you do and you will alter your weight and feel better that you’ve looked in long time. Ready? Go.