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Family Fun Activities

Searching for fun ways to keep your family active and healthy is a learning experience as well as enjoyable time spent together. Summer is almost over. Fall is approaching. This is a wonderful time to spend together doing activities’ outdoors.

The cool weather is approaching, no better time to gather the family together for an afternoon walks in the park or woods. Long afternoon walks or a bicycle ride around the park or neighborhood is an ideal active for the family. No one can argue with the healthy aspect of this activity.

If you live in an area where there are riding stables, rent horses for the day, go for a trail ride take a nice pick nick lunch with you. When you get hungry stop by a stream of water, let the horses get a drink of water and rest while you enjoy your lunch. This was one of the things my family enjoyed doing when I was a young girl many years ago, and I still enjoy doing this with my family now that I am older.

With fall coming the leaves will be falling. Raking those leaves is work, but it can be a fun active for the family to do together. The exercise you get from racking is healthy and the fresh air is also good for your well being.

Other activates such as a car wash, planting vegetable garden and trimming bushes can be worked into activities that will need the whole family abilities and time to complete. Planting the vegetable garden is an all time favorite activate for a family to do together. When it comes time to harvest it is a rewarding experience, and the healthy benefit of the home grown vegetables can’t be beat.

Water sports, camping and hunting are all fun and healthy activities a family can do together. There is no better place to be on a Saturday morning when the sun pops its head up than by your favorite fishing hole with your family by your side. Then after the fish stop biting, take a brake by late afternoon, get in the boat and paddle off down the steam in search of that swimming hole with clear cool running water. Paddle up to the shore, anchor that boat, take off running and jump into that cool water. Now that is a fun healthy activity that the family will enjoy.