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Facts about Fasting and Weight Loss

Many people who decide to go on a diet also try the fasting method. Fasting comes in many different forms. Some are healthy than others. None should be used as a long term weight loss tool. The common types of fasts that people choose from are complete fasting where they don’t eat or drink anything but water. There are soup fasts. Fruit and vegetables fasts. Or fasts that allow one meal a day. While fasting might clean out your system they aren’t as useful for weight loss as many people think.

Fasting will help you lose weight quickly

That’s a false one. Fasting can not help you lose quickly. What it does do is slow down your metabolism and the slower your metabolism the harder it is to lose weight. If you want to lose weight eat six or seven mini meals every day. You’ll speed up your metabolism, you won’t get hungry and overeat, and you’ll lose weight quicker than with any fast. Plus eating regularly is not a quick fix but a long term strategy for health. So instead of fasting you’ll be better off to fill up on fruit and vegetables and forget depriving yourself of much needed vitamins every day.

Fasting can be done for a long period of time

Wrong again. Fasting for more than a day or two is bad for your health especially if you are doing exercise at the same time. When you fast your energy levels will plummet and it will be difficult to clean house let alone go for a run or hit the gym. Your sugar levels may also go crazy and lead to other problems. If you’re healthy a day or two fast can cleanse your inside’s but any more can be damaging to your well-being. Energy problems will also come along with a lack of concentration and grumpiness.

Fasting will help with permanent weight loss

No, not at all. Fasting won’t give you a quick results nor will it give you permanent weight loss. Permanent weight loss depends on a permanent healthy eating and exercise plan. Once you return to normal eating any lost weight is likely to return. If you want to achieve weight loss avoid fasting and get a personal trainer or dietician to write you out a well-balanced diet suitable for you and start getting some intensive exercise a few times a week which will do a much better job than any fast.