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Factors that Influence Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is an all too common phenomenon that can steal the lives of those touched by it. There are many factors that influence this, and these should be considered to hopefully lower the incidence of this problem. These factors include the following.


A child is very much influenced by his or her parents and this can play a big part in whether substance abuse occurs at the current time or later down the road. One of the largest issues is whether the parents abuse substances themselves. The children may watch their parents doing drugs and think that it is okay. Also some kids do it as a rebellion to their parents. If their parents are neglectful, it may be easy for them to get away with it.

The availability of controlled substances to abuse

People are more likely to abuse drugs if they can easily get them. That may play a part in why so many of the rich celebrities abuse drugs – because many people are willing to give them whatever they want. Also, if there are drugs at home because your parents abuse them, then you may easily be able to get them. In addition if you live in a bad area where they are plentiful you might be more willing to do them as well.


A lot of people start a substance abuse problem because of their friends. They may get peer pressure to do them. Once you start it can be difficult to give them up. They may want to fit in or impress their friends and so they do it.

Personality/other mental issues

A lot of people just have personality types that make them more likely to abuse drugs. They may not fully think through the consequences of their actions before they do them. They may have other problems such as depression and look towards substances as a way to escape from these problems.

School/community systems

A great school system with great teachers may be able to help a child with a substance abuse problem before it is too late. One that is overwhelmed with students and budget cuts may let kids fall through the cracks. Some schools have drug problems within. Also, sometimes community intervention programs can help and a lack of these may allow more to end up with these problems.

There are many factors that influence substance abuse, some within your control and others not. You should try to control what you can to minimize these as much as possible.