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Eye Drops Allergies Bauschlomb

What are the best eye drops for eye allergies? What causes eye allergies and what makes so many sufferers have to just endure the good weather, rather than enjoy it? When a person has an allergic reaction, in simple terms, the eyes are trying to ward off offending allergens by making the eyes tear up with a chemical called histamine. This causes itchiness, redness, puffiness and misery.

Allergens come in the form of pollens, pet dander, molds and dust. And, because they all become airborne, they can be difficult to avoid. It is not easy to avoid these aggravating allergens, indoors or out. This is especially true for people who suffer seasonal allergies.

The old saying, “an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure,” is only partially true when it comes to avoiding airborne allergens on your own. You can limit or eliminate the amount of time you spend around a cat or dog and try to keep a dust-free home, unfortunately we can’t avoid the rest, like having to go outside to go to school or work.completely.

There are a variety of over-the-counter eye drops that can do the job to relieve eye allergy symptoms. No one needs to suffer with miserable itchy, watery, red eyes. The following are doctor and/or clinically recommended.

1. Similasan Eye Drops: These eye drops soothe and relieve eye allergies. Aslo recommended for pink eye and dry eye conditions.

2. TheraTears: These eye drops are good for dry eye symptoms, however because they are considered to precisely resemble human tears, they are good to use as part of good eye hygeine and help flush out allergens in a natural way.

3. Bausch&Lomb Alaway Antihistamine Eye Drops: These eye drops offer relief for up to 12 hours, compared to ususally having to use eye drops every 4 hours. Because they contain an anti histamine component, they will help with swelling.

4. Tears Again Advanced Liposome Eyelid Spray: If you have trouble using eye drops, to get relief from symptoms, you can use the spray on the eyelid and get the same benefit. Spray on the eyelid will automatically spread to the eyeball in a gentler way.

5. Allergy Drops www.allergychoices.com offers helpful tips and further recommedations to relieve the misery of eye allergies.

When using over-the-counter-allergy eye drops, it is recommended to start with an eye wash treatment. These are eyelid cleansers and come in drops or swabs. Starting with cleansed eyes, removing contact lenses and eye cosmetics, and following the directions using the eye drops, is essential in achieving the best results. Hands must always be thoroughly washed first, of course.

If you have a hard time putting the drops in your eyes, one tip is to tilt your head back, gently close your eyes and have someone put a drop or two in the corner of your eye. Slowly open your eye and begin to blink. Another suggestion, if you just can’t bear to keep your eye open, gently pull the bottom eyelid outwards with your finger under your eyelid, creating a small pocket and put the drops in. Next, close your eye, slowly open and blink a few times.

If you do not seem to get relief using over-the-counter-remedies, talk to your doctor. He/she can prescribe eye drops that contain a higher level of anti histamine. In severe cases it is best to eliminate eye make-up and mascara until your eye allergy symptoms are under better control.

Unless you use daily throw-away contact lenses, you might have to resort to wearing regular glasses, at least until your eye allergies improve. Your doctor is your best authority on making this judgement call.