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Extraordinary Healing Powers of the Human Body

The human body truly has remarkable powers, and not the least of these is the ability to heal itself. Sometimes the body will defy science in its own healing abilities. Part of this is that science still doesn’t fully understand why humans are even alive in the first place, and part of it is that at times the body should close down entirely and leads to death, yet it doesn’t.

Examples abound. For instance, an 8-year-old boy walking across ice in a lake broke through into the frigid waters below. He was quickly trapped beneath the ice, with no air to breathe, and no way of finding his way out.

Luckily, another person happened to witness the boy falling through the ice and summoned help. Unfortunately, by the time they found the boy, he’d been in the water for almost a half hour. He wasn’t breathing, and his body temperature was close to 70 degrees, Fahrenheit.

Drowning victims, deprived of oxygen for more than 4 minutes have a narrow chance of survival. At 30 minutes, the chances are very close to zero. On top of that, at a body temperature of 70 degrees, the chances of surviving are almost nothing, even if there is adequate oxygen. Yet, the boy survived. Why?

This is a case where two negatives did lead to a positive. At the same time he was deprived of oxygen and technically drown, owing to his small stature, his entire body dropped in temperature. In essence, his body went into a sort of stasis. It required virtually no oxygen other than what was already in his veins, because all body functions shut down.

When his body was recovered, medics set to getting the water out of his lungs, then to slowly heating his body back up. CPR was unsuccessful in getting him to breathe, and the medics didn’t have a kit with them to do this artificially. Yet, when he’d warmed up a little, he began to spontaneously breathe on his own. The boy survived the ordeal, leaving doctors and other people bewildered at how he’d done so.

In another case, a leading cancer specialist diagnosed a man as having thyroid cancer. The cancer was advanced, and the doctor advised him that without chemotherapy, his life expectancy was 2-3 months. The problem was that even with the Chemo, because of the nature of the cancer, which made it inoperable, he had no more than six months to live.

The man totally rejected the prognosis. He chose a path of hope, and took herbal supplements, refusing to believe that it was yet his time to go. The man is still alive today, 14 years after the event. Was it the herbs that made the difference, or the man’s own body? Did the herbs merely enforce the ability of the man’s body to reject the cancer and to survive? Science doesn’t have the answers.

These are only two examples. It is pretty clear that the human body has astounding and extraordinary abilities to heal itself. There are tens of thousands of cases when a person’s own body has done just that. Science can’t explain it, and many times, sadly ignores it. Yet it is real. Until science catches up with reality, though, many people may needlessly die.

There is a ray of hope, though. A growing number of medical doctors are beginning to understand that the human body truly does have extraordinary healing powers.