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Experts say Exercise Weakens the Immune System is this True

It is erroneous to think that only overweight people need exercise.It is now pretty well established that the muscles of our bodies begin to lose tone in less than 72 hours of inactivity.That means if a person goes for years without sufficient exercise through he may not necessarily fall ill, he will be performing, living at reduced capacity.Let such an indolent individual take up exercising! His life begins to course through his veins like never before.

With exercise, one develops a tremendous sense of well-being and a greater resistance to disease.Fortunately, one doesn’t have to go over the top in exercise for results.There’s even proof that excessive exercise can be injurious.The approach should be one of the middle ways.Not too little and not too much.The experts are saying that excessive exercise weakens the immune system by causing the release or cell-destroying free radicals.And these unstable molecules are linked to over 50 conditions such as strokes, cancer and heart disease.Too much exercise can do you harm but moderate physical activity will keep you mentally alert and enable you cope with stress and depression.If you get warm and a little bit out of breath from your exercise it will be of benefit.

It could be climbing the stairs, heavy house work, brisk walking or whatever, working the cardiovascular system at 40 to 60 per cent of your maximum heart rate.(To be sure you’re exercising at the correct level, deduct your age from 220 and compare this figure with your pulse rate per minute).Below are a few yoga postures to try out to complement whatever you might be doing to promote your health.


^Lie on your stomach.Take a deep breath and raise your upper body and legs off the floor.If you do this well you should be on just your belly.


^This posture strengthens the muscles of the legs, buttocks, and back.Take a deep breath and raise both legs overhead and drop the feet and knees to the floor.Place the hands alongside the legs.

^The posture limbers up the spinal column, massages the abdominal organs and is a veritable cure for constipation.


Get on your knees with the palms of your hand down in front of you.Now arrange your hands in such a way that the back of your arms placed against your body between the ribs and belly.Now, gradually stretch out the legs and raise them off the floor as you raise your upper body.Your body should be in a straight line if you get the posture properly done.This is a bit different to perform but with practice it can be mastered.


The peacock massages the internal organs helping them work more efficiently.It helps one to maintain youth into grand old age.