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Experiencing Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis, a nightmare thats crossed into the awake state, victimizes and torments unsuspecting victims. While one journeys into sleep, or comes out of sleep a disturbance occurs in which they are abruptly awoken to find themselves bound down by an invisible force. The victim is paralyzed, struggling to make the slightest twitch of a finger while in a state of panic and shock, only to find themselves completely helpless. Their chest is heavy, and each breathe is fighting against their racing heart. Terror floods their mind, and an overwhelming sense of evil drowns their thoughts. Strange and eerie sounds from sinister laughs, to sounds of other worlds flow into ones’ ears.

The body is completely stiff, the only thing that has the freedom to move, is their eyes. The eyes frantically scan the room to find and make sense of it all. When one thinks it can’t get any worse, out of the corner of their eyes stands a menacing figure. At that exact moment they open their mouth to yell, as nothing is projected, they try harder, only to realize that they’ve also become mute. No matter how much one tries only the the faintest sound of air escapes their throat. The unknown figure is still in the room with them, and fear and the sure thought of death is wrapped around their mind.

The figure is staring back at them, and moves slowly forward to the foot of their bed. Their body begins to tremble, as the figure nears. Without a doubt they think it is there to harm them, and struggle to budge their body free. Each second seems to drag on endlessly, and each breath is heavier. The evil presence is intense. Just as the figure reaches within inches of them, they manage to twitch a finger free and everything flashes back into the world they know.

They are left in a state of confusion and shock and still aren’t fully aware of what just happened. Some try to convince themselves they’ve only had very bad nightmare. Some, however, are too overwhelmed by the horrible ordeal they just experienced and stay still until they are convinced everything is normal. The victim is left with a haunting experience and the unfortunate have many more experiences to come.