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Experiencing Anxietypanic Disorder how it can be Treated

At some point in a persons life anyone can suffer from anxiety. There are millions of Americans suffering from this disorder. Whether it be from everyday stress, or a traumatic occurrence. It goes beyond the normal feelings of nervousness caused by day-to-day situations. Anxiety can become a life crippling disease for some people. Today it effects more than six million Americans.

This disorder can also be referred to as panic attacks. They can sometimes occur during a stressful situation, or they may take place spontaneously and for no one specific reason. The sufferer can experience shortness of breath, which could lead to hyperventilating. This can make the attack much worse. Nausea, sweating, and heart palpitations, (thinking they are actually having a heart attack), may lead them to entering an emergency room. There are also feelings that they are going to lose their mind. This is all part of the anxiety/panic disorder illness.

A person suffering from frequent anxiety/panic disorder has the feeling there is something seriously wrong with them. Constant visits to medical centers, for conditions that do not exist, may worsen their condition. Making them feel even more inadequate and fearful. They may develop phobias, such as not being able to leave their homes (agoraphobia), for the fear that an attack may occur.

Such fears of an attack can make a suffer avoid places where their first attacks occurred. They may have had an attack while driving over a bridge or in a tunnel. They feel there will be no escape or an exit in which they can stop to calm themselves. That is when they may start to become house bound. It becomes their safety haven.

Finding a good doctor experienced in treating anxiety/panic disorders is very helpful. They can control these disorders with medications. Antidepressants, and a specific anti-anxiety medication are very helpful in controlling these attacks. There are numerous medications such as SSRIs, that can be prescribed.

Your doctor may suggest attending psychotherapy, such as behavioral and cognitive therapy as a good source for controlling this disorder. Cutting out caffeine and stopping smoking is also a good idea, since they can be a major cause in increasing anxiety.

Herbal remedies may also be helpful, such as St. John’s Wort, Valerian root, and Sam E, are just some of the natural remedies on the market today which may help. Doctors strongly recommend cardiovascular exercise, keeping the heart rate up greatly relieves anxiety. Brisk walking , yoga, tai chi , and any other exercise that reduces stress, and keeps the heart pumping is also highly recommended for addressing this condition.

There is hope for people suffering from anxiety/panic disorders. This serious illness can be such a life crippling and disabling disorder for so many people. This disease is treatable with the help of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication. Stress reducing techniques, (as discussed) and psychotherapy, will help suffers of this illness, so they can learn to manage their anxiety and live happy and fulfilling lives.