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Exercising what Level of Activity is right for you

Exercise is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle, but is often something which is overlooked as stressed-out, busy people juggle their careers and family life, choosing to spend any spare time they manage to find doing activities they actually enjoy doing. Often exercise is regarded as a strenuous chore rather than as something which makes you feel good and that can be fun, which is probably why people make so many excuses to avoid doing it. If people actually gave some consideration to the benefits associated with regular exercise, though, they would soon realise that getting fitter and doing more physical activity is ultimately to their advantage, and worth making time for.

How fit you are, what your fitness goals are, and the activities you enjoy doing will all influence the level of activity you choose to engage in. If you are a sports enthusiast who loves team sports and wants to play competitively you are probably going to be doing exercise more frequently and at a greater intensity than a woman who is trying to lose the weight she gained during pregnancy, for instance.

If you’re overweight your main aim may be to lose weight and thus you need to find an activity you enjoy doing so that you will be able to continue doing it on a regular basis, increasing your metabolism, building up stamina and toning your muscles. There is little point choosing a high-impact activity that you don’t enjoy doing if the end result is a lot of pain and a lack of morale. You need to find something you can do where you are able to see an improvement in your fitness levels so that you can stay motivated to stick with a fitness routine.

If you’re extremely unfit and carrying a lot of excess weight even doing simple tasks such as walking through your house can be a challenge, and thus you should maximise the opportunity for physical activity. If you struggle to get from room-to-room you need to get out of bed and make yourself do things which you find hard, as it is the only way you will see an improvement in your fitness levels.

Maybe you’re not completely unfit, don’t want to practise competitive sports, but aren’t quite as fit as you’d like to be. There are plenty of activities available to you: running, walking, cycling, swimming, skipping, aerobics, and many more. It is therefore up to you to decide how you like to spend your time and what your aims are. You might want to build muscle or to accomplish a particular goal, such as running a marathon. Once you have established what you want to achieve you will be able to take the first steps to achieving it whatever your fitness levels may be. Indeed, the level at which you practise an activity isn’t as important as making sure you enjoy what you’re doing so that you are more likely to continue with it, since the benefits of exercise are only obtained by doing it regularly.