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Exercises that Burn Lots of Calories

If I had to pick one exercise that burns lots of calories, it would be running, mainly because not just one part of the body is being trained, but instead, all parts. The treadmill would be a great place to run if it is too hot outdoors. Be warned, though: the treadmill can be dangerous if not used right. In fact, many a person has gotten distracted, fell off the exercise band, and broke something. It would be wise to keep your mind on your exercise.

Walking is good for you, too; it is very invigorating and comes in many sub-categories: Power walking, pacing, and speed walking. Power walking is mainly just walking while pumping the body, i.e. swinging the arms back and forth, taking large strides and taking long, deep breaths. Pacing is when a person “paces” themselves and walks/runs at their own suitable speed. Different people walk at different speeds; some are faster than others and vice versa. Speed walking is walking at a very fast but steady speed and inhaling and exhaling deeply. Sometimes, you could walk so fast that it feels like running without the overly rapid heart pace. But like I said, everybody’s different, so if you find that you are walking slower than others, don’t be alarmed; it’s your speed, your way, and you like it.

While walking and running can be suitable for burning calories, there are many others, some of which include bicycling, rollerskating, and especially sports. Basketball, baseball, volleyball, and tennis are some of these sports. A regular basis of one of these sports is great for having fun and working the muscles. Volleyball involves running, jumping and some muscle expansion and should be considered. Basketball is mostly running from one end of the court to the next. And again, any of these sports burns lots of calories.

Bicycling can be tough work, but if you don’t consider it to be a torturous experience, it can also be fun. For example, learning to ride one or no-handed on a bike can help relax the arms and the back from sitting up straight. I learned to ride no-handed when I was 17, and I haven’t stopped doing it since. I love it!

Just as exercising is torturous for most people, it can be fun for you. The tips: stay hydrated, don’t overdo it, and give yourself a break once in awhile. Drink lots of water – it’s good for all parts of the body and helps flush out the system.

But most of all…

Have fun.