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Exercise with Fitness Ball

The key to a perfect workout may be hidden in very small, at the first sight, insignificant details, however when you are practicing home alone, without the help of a professional, these details become of the utmost importance. Back at the gym there was no or very little back or neck pain, somehow when you started exercising at home, due to either financial reasons, or you simply found the gym a bit too crowded, the pain became intolerable. Usually the explanation for the unnecessary pain is simple. You have been doing the workout wrongly. You might believe you are doing everything right, but simple things like wrong posture, incorrect position might lead to pain. It is due to these difficulties that so many have been advised to practice with the help of a fitness ball when home alone. This exercise equipment is miraculous. Though it might seem ridiculous, its shape is pure perfection, and because of its comfort and size, your every workout will give you twice the more results than usual.

To start, just in case you are still skeptic, simply try to sit on the ball for a longer period. You most certainly will witness the difference, no more pain, no bended backs and the feeling of discomfort in your neck and shoulders will be gone. Again, the key is in its shape, in order to keep balance your back must be in the proper position. Many have found that the ball was so effective that they decided to change their office chairs for a simple fitness ball, of course those who were able to make that sort of change.

Intended for the rest of your daily workout, you need not make any particular change, simply replace the ball with your exercise matt. Some find it even more comforting when exercising with the help of the ball. Workouts for your abs are various, here are some exercises, which are highly effective and best performed with the help of the ball.

Crunches are easy to practice, just lie on the ball, precisely placing your lower back on the ball, feet flat on the floor. While your thighs are parallel to the floor, just do the crunches. This position as for the number of ordinary ab exercises is perfect for those that feel the pain in their lower back when they practice. With the ball, you are pain free. The next exercise is somewhat more complex, however it allows you to exercise the most difficult part of your abs, the lower abs. Just lie on the floor, while your legs are resting on the ball. When you are ready, squeeze the ball with your legs and just raise it up. A somewhat demanding exercise, yet great for your lower abs.

The next workout in line, are the butt lifts, probably one of the most demanding workouts. The starting position is to sit on the floor, resting against the ball, while your knees are bent. Then simply rest your upper back and shoulders against the ball while raising your lower body. You need to find yourself in the bridge position. Afterwards, merely return to the starting position and repeat the workout. Squats with the help of fitness ball will increase the effectiveness of your regular squat exercises by at least 40 percent. The ball will help you keep the balance, take the stress away from your back, neck, and place it exactly where it should be, on your lower body.

Pushups reach a completely new level when done with the fitness ball. You just take the regular position for the pushups, however place the ball in front with your hands resting on it, approximately right in front of your face and try to bring yourself closer to the ball, like when you are doing pushups. However, it is quite difficult to find balance, so do not hesitate to try it out, the results will follow.