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Exercise old Folks

By the time a man finds the greener pastures, he can’t seem to climb the fence.

A touch of wisdom with a dash of humor is good for the heart, and won’t hurt the mind either. Here is a thought to consider about staying healthy. “Much more important than adding years to your life is adding life to your years.” (Unknown) Once a man who was celebrating his 100th birthday was asked if he had any thoughts to share. He said, “If I knew I was going to live so long I would have taken better care of myself.”

It’s all about the heart. What does the heart need in order to keep that life-giving blood flowing to all the parts of the body? What can we do to keep a healthy heart?

As we get older, it seems like the Doctors are concerned about making the heart happy and healthy. Then they give you blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine, and blood thinning medicine so the heart will function a little smoother. Then they tell you to walk a lot, exercise a lot, stay active so you make your heart work harder.

When we become older we usually think of only three parts of the body. At least this is how I understand my Doctor’s explanation. There is the upper body, the lower body, and the “mid-section.”

The upper body and the lower body get the most attention. That is, the most appropriate attention. The mid-section is why these other parts get so much attention. Just think about it, you do upper body exercise when you eat and drink. You open and close the refrigerator. You push the microwave buttons. You lift the food to your mouth, using your hands and arms. Then you look at your toes, but cannot see them, so you realize you have to do something about the blob in the middle.

Unlike the above, real upper body exercises are great for the heart, and lungs. When we use our arms we are causing the heart to work harder. Lifting, pushing, pulling, and holding one’s arms up for periods of time helps with the circulation system. We need to find normal daily ways to use the upper body, or we need to develop an exercise program. For some of us a simple something is better than nothing. I prefer finding normal everyday activities rather than formal exercise. When we exercise, we find new places in our bodies where have muscles we didn’t know about. We find those new places because there is a new pain. However, it has been said, “No pain, no gain.” I would say that in this case it would be “New pain, and new gain.”

Most of us tend to concentrate on only one part of the body when it comes to planned exercise. Walking or jogging a lot is the likely most common exercise that is done by older folks. That is absolutely wonderful for the heart. It helps deal with calories, cholesterol, and maybe even weight control. It also takes care of the lower body quite well, making our legs stronger. Most people who do this are active and healthy anyway. They hope to stay that way. Walking and jogging may be the most important exersices we can do.

The Doctor says that using these muscles helps us to be able to stay active, but in the evening, after we sit down, some of us have a hard time getting up again. Then there are pain pills and muscle relaxers.

We should rise early in the morning, and have a healthy breakfast. We need to get up early because it takes us forever to make it to the bathroom to get dressed, and then to the kitchen for breakfast, before lunch time.

Of course, in order to do all that the Doctor orders we must take our vitamins and minerals. There has to be something to help us get a jump start to all the Doctor’s requirements.

If we watch TV, we must hide the remote. Get a rocking chair instead of a lazy-boy. Only get one thing from the refrigerator at a time, the more trips the better.

Then it comes time to sleep. We need all the rest we can get because of all we have done to stay healthy. However, we cannot sleep without more pills. It seems that we need to exercise so we can stay active, but then we have to take pills for the pain from all the exercise so we can even move at all. What’s up with that?

Since my Quatruple By-pass surgery, I have learned to take better care of myself. The other day I celebrated my second year since that surgery by mowing my yard, trimming the bushes, and doing the edging and weed-eating. After that I drank plenty of water. While I was celebrating, I was thanking God for two more years, and for being able to see my two new Grand babies. Living is the best part of life. There is a lot to live for, so let’s go for the gold.

With all of that said, life is awesome, and we can indeed stay healthy for the most part, and live active lives until we have lived long on this earth. I was told that if I want to live long I need to continue to work with youth. If I want to die young, I need to try to keep up with them. I choose to live long and let them wait for me.

Staying healthy also means we need to love people, enjoy our family, our surroundings, be blessed and recognize our blessings, counting them often. We must keep a hope alive for our future. It shold be full of plans and dreams.

So, In summary, we need to keep moving. No need to stretch the limits as we used to, just keep moving. Keep smiling, and love life, and keep dreaming.