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Exercise Ideas for Autumn Heat of the Summer Piles of Leaves Autumn Colors Nature Walk Hiking

Fall presents one of the best opportunities to get in needed exercise while enjoying the beauty of nature. Looking at the blaze of colors and breathing in the crisp clean air will help you forget you’re exercising at all while you trek down leaf strewn paths. The chill of the weather is likely to force you to stay active just to keep warm.

The heat of summer is more likely to put you to sleep, but the chill of the autumn helps to clear out mental fog and gives you the energy to make those essential preparations before the hibernation of winter sets in. So while you’re busy raking leaves, your children are waiting for the opportunity to cavort in those piles once you escape to the warmth of your home.

There are many exercises to do during the fall for every family member. It’s the best time to stay in shape while watching the leaves drop and the snow fall.

Walk the Trails

Even if you can’t go on a nature walk in the country, you can still enjoy the natural scenery in the city park or take a jaunt through the neighborhood. Walking improves circulation. If you start to feel stuffy indoors, you only need to throw on a good sweater, lace up your running shoes and head out to rejuvenate health. Walking is a social activity and you can enjoy it more when you take your dog, your spouse or your children with you.

Last Minute Gardening

Harvest those pumpkins, squash, kale and late season veggies. Clear out those shriveled tomato plants and toss those frozen veggies into your compost heap. Turn over the garden soil in preparation for spring planting. Or bury those tulip, crocus and daffodil bulbs for early spring blooming. Retire the lawnmower and the summer garden tools.


A tandem bike is a great way to get in exercise and companionship. Bike with your kids. If you don’t live far from your employment, consider taking the bike to work in those last days before the snow flies. Need another good reason to go bicycling? Bike to a local park and have a picnic while enjoying the colorful folliage.

Play Ball

Whether it’s just pitching to your kids in the backyard or getting together with friends for a round of softball or football at the park, fall offers the ideal time to get a good workout without getting sweat in your eye. It helps to seal those bonds of friendships with the neighbors before winter hibernation.

Pick a Pumpkin or an Apple

Apples are ripe for fall picking. The walking, climbing and carrying those baskets will give you a good cardiovascular workout. Next to apples, you can go hunting for the best pumpkin. While picking pumpkins is not a strenuous activity, you’ll be spending time to carve that pumpkin for Halloween. There’s always those delicious pies to make, drying and roasting the seeds that make for a healthy snack.

Fall Household Preparations

There’s a lot that needs to be done to prepare your home for the winter. Insulation needs to be checked and leaks need to be plugged. The eaves-trough must be cleaned to prevent ice buildup from seeping into your home. The siding must be checked for cracks and summer heat damage. The exterior may need a new coat of paint. Fall is the time to take those winter clothes out from storage and store those swimsuits for another season.

Exercise, of course, doesn’t have to stop once the first flakes of snow settle over the landscape. But the autumn is a special time for fun activity for the whole family. It’s not surprising that many families see the fall season as the best time of the year. Even if you dread winter, the fall can do more than get you exercise. It can lift your spirits and make winter more bearable.