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Essential Practices for Weight Maintenance

There are certain things you have to do if you want to maintain a healthy weight, although weight maintenance essentially boils down to consuming the number of calories your body needs. This sounds easy enough, but when you’re surrounded by lots of food that tastes good and leaves you wanting more, it can actually be quite a challenge. Thus, you have to develop eating habits that make it possible for you to keep your weight under control, as if you eat whatever food you desire and as much of it as you want you could soon start to pile on the pounds.

In order to maintain a healthy weight you have to determine what your calorie requirements are, which may involve a process of trial and error. Although it is recommended that the average woman consume 2000 calories a day and the average man 2500 not everyone is the same. If you’re young and lead an active lifestyle you’re bound to need more calories than someone who sits around the house all day. It may therefore be worth consulting one of the various websites that can help you determine your calorie requirements. Even then you may have to make a few tweaks to your diet if you notice you’re putting on weight.

Obviously, if you do a lot of exercise you should find it easier to maintain a healthy weight, as you burn more calories and so you are able to consume a greater number of calories. You therefore don’t have to worry about gaining weight if you go overboard now and again. However, that doesn’t mean you can eat all day long and opt for calorific junk food all the time, as if you do you will probably gain weight no matter how active you are.

Consequently, you have to think about your diet if you want to avoid weight gain. You need to limit the amount of junk food you eat while eating more fruits and vegetables, wholegrain pasta and brown rice, fish and chicken, nuts and yoghurt. It is important to eat regularly throughout the day, as it is much easier to make sensible dietary choices when you’re not so hungry that you grab the most convenient, and often most calorific, food that is available. Thus, you shouldn’t skip breakfast or any other meal if you want to maintain a healthy weight.

In order to maintain your weight you obviously have to get used to counting calories and adjusting your diet and exercise regime to ensure you don’t consume more calories than your body requires. It is also worth bearing in mind that as you get older your calorie requirements change and that you won’t be able to keep on eating the way you do forever if you want to stay slim.