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Essential Items to keep in a Gym Bag

Contrary to popular myth, there are still people that workout on a regular basis. Typically, these physically fit minded individuals have gym memberships, or access to some form of training equipment. There are certain items that are always useful to bring along when going to a gym. Most people figure out what items to pack through the process of trial and error. However, for those who are new to working out, or just want tips on what to pack into a gym bag, the following suggestions are sure to come in handy.

The first thing that most people pack is a spare change of clothes. There are many reasons to pack extra clothes. Perhaps a shower in the gyms locker room is called for after a strenuous workout, or maybe it’s important to hide getting in shape from a significant other. People often desire to surprise spouses with a firmer, more physically fit body. Whatever the reason, just make sure to pack a towel, soap and any other products necessary to the showering process. Sometimes a gym will supply some of these items, but it is best to be on the safe side until that is known for sure. Now, there are some items that are directly helpful to the workout process itself.

Anyone that has ever exercised on a consistent basis will attest to the fact that there are some things that make the whole exercise experience easier. Music is always a good choice, but not everyone wants to hear the same styles of music. So make sure to pack an MP3 player, iPod, or another portable music device, complete with headphones. While the topic of electronic devices is still at the forefront, now might be a good time to suggest bringing some sort of watch to keep track of time. Most treadmills and other such exercise machines have timing devices installed, but again it never hurts to be cautious. There’s still one more item to bring, but this one deserves an in-depth discussion.

Staying hydrated during a workout is an absolute must, but these days it seems like there are more beverage options than there are stars under the night sky. Yeah, many gyms have public drinking fountains, but most people have their own personal preferences in terms of bottled energy drinks. That said, this author does have a personal preference that is highly recommended to everyone. Drink water, just plain old water taken directly from the tap. Preferably there is some form of filtration device on said tap, but all that’s really needed for a good workout is water poured into a water bottle. It’s cheap, and good for the human body too. One never knows just what sort of state a public drinking fountain is, so bringing one’s own water bottle is the cleanest way to go.

There are other things that people decide to pack in gym bags, yet the previously mentioned items are the big necessities. Remember, the bag should not weigh a ton. If the gym bag weighs a great deal, then it’ll be a pain to haul away after the exercising. Thus pack light. Also, it doesn’t have to be music that is listened to on the treadmill. Feel free to listen to audio books, or learn a second language while walking. Most of all, be sure to have fun, exercising should be an enjoyable experience for all!