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Essential Gym Safety Tips

Certain safety tips are essential during any workout at the gym or even at home. Some of these are as follows:

1. Use a spotter when using free weights

Free weights are some of the best exercise equipment for getting a great workout but they can also lead to injuries. Exercises like squats and bench presses put you in a dangerous position if you cannot handle the weight involved. Be safe. Use a spotter. Do so even at the gym and even if it is crowded.

2. Warm up before lifting heavy weight

Injuries can and do occur to people who do not warm up before lifting. A short cardio workout before starting is a good and effective way of preventing injury.

3. Drink plenty of water

Dehydration leads to cramping. Cramping leads to injury. It is unnecessary and preventable. Bring a bottle with you and fill it up and use it during the workout.

4. Bring a towel

You do not know where the people who used the machine before you have been. Clean off the machine before and after you use it (ok at least clean the bench you are going to lay down on).

5. Use lower weights if you have to in order to correctly perform the exercise. Correct performance prevents injuries.

6. Slow down your exercise in order to correctly perform the exercise.

7. Weight belts are a sticky issue

Some say the cause injury as much as they prevent them. The better idea is to be extremely cautious in how you exercise. Perform exercises as they are intended so that you are not using other muscle groups (such as your back) that are not part of the exercise.

8. Work out your back using exercises intended for that purpose

Not working out your back at all is a mistake and leads to injuries. Weight lifters should know better but often they ignore the back but do other exercises that tends to strain the back anyway. Be preventative and work those muscles right instead.

9. Do not ignore important muscle groups

Legs and back are important too. Failing to work those out can result in injuries as well as result in a body that looks disproportionate (and is).

10. Do not hit on the hot chick next to you (or guy as the case may be)

The person on the other side of her might be her boyfriend/girlfriend. I realize that many people see going to the gym as a social occasion but it isn’t. Many people want to be left alone when working out. Failing to observe this point can result in serious bodily injury.

Those are my top ten. I hope this helps.