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Energy Drinks Kids and Energy Drinks Energy Drinks cause Harm to Kids

As a Mother of two children, (ages 17 and 9) I can safely say that energy drinks are as bad for children as drinking alcohol is for underage children. Children should not be consuming energy drinks. Energy drinks should be called super caffeinated, high sugar bombs’. I will not even allow these health wreckers in my home. When consumed in high concentrations energy drinks can virtually ruin a child’s health.

Add in the fact that they are addicting, and you can have a major health problem right in your own home. With young children drinking energy drinks they can ruin their health. Energy drinks don’t supply a person’s body with real energy. Your body takes food, and breaks it up and creates energy from the food you eat. When properly fueled a body can have a lot of energy to keep going all day. That’s why when a person eats the right foods during the day; they maintain a proper energy balance.

Energy drinks have high levels of caffeine and sugar that create a major spike in your adrenaline, and blood pressure. After burning off the caffeine high and the sugar high associated with these energy drinks a person crashes and burns. That’s why when little kids drink energy drinks, or have a can of soda they get all this energy once the body sends the caffeine and sugar coated junk to a child’s bloodstream. They will be running around, practically jumping off the ceiling with the high the drinks have caused. And then several hours later, your child becomes crabby and tired, and feels like taking a nap.

Energy drinks are not a good thing to let your children drink, due to the high levels of sugar and caffeine. Besides you will have a caffeine sugar junkie begging you for his next fix. You’ll be pestered by, “Mom can I have another energy drink?” And the begging won’t stop because the more you let your child drink this dangerous concoction the more he will crave it. It’s just like we adults that have to have coffee to get started in the morning. If we don’t have any caffeine we feel tired, lethargic, and we can get a great big headache. This happens in children also, but because they have smaller bodies they feel the rush of caffeine and sugar faster than adults and crash and burn sooner.

Besides having a caffeine, sugar- addicted child driving you crazy for more sweet stuff, your child’s health can be ruined by energy drinks. High levels of sugar can raise a person’s triglycerides that when high enough for along time can harm your child’s health. High levels of caffeine consumed over a lengthy period of time can cause harm to a child’s developing body. And the high levels of sugar can cause a child to become overweight

Give your child healthy snacks and healthy, nutritious foods that their bodies can digest and use to create natural energy. Have your child eat pasta, or a sandwich which contains natural carbohydrates that produce natural sugar that fuels a body, But, don’t go overboard on the carbs because then you will have a carb junkie on your hands. Feed your child the good stuff such as fruits and vegetables. Feed your children healthy, nutritious foods such as vitamin C enriched orange juice and vitamin fortified cereal for breakfast. Offer them a sandwich with apple juice or milk, and carrot sticks dipped into peanut butter for a healthy lunch. Instead of grabbing an energy drink, cut up an orange and an apple and throw into several small bags. The juice from the orange will keep the apple from going bad, and your kids can have a delicious on the go treat.

Children are growing and developing and need to have healthy nutritious foods and drinks that will aid their bodies in development. Energy drinks just sport a bunch of junk that will cause a child’s body harm over time with prolonged usage. Do your child a favor and give them the foods their bodies crave.