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Emotional causes of Disease

The link between emotions and illness isn’t new concept. In 1984, Louise Hay discussed the mental causes for physical illness and taught the metaphysical way to overcome them in her book titled You Can Heal Your Life.

Manifestations of stress, annoyances, fears, phobias, resentment, guilt and a number other of personal conflicts often appear in the physical form. The ideology of this kind of self-healing is based on trigger points in the body and what problems in those areas translate to
in your personal life.

For instance, the knees represent the ability to bend, according to Hay’s findings. A
person who is having trouble with their knees may be stubborn, egotistic, or self-righteousness in his personal life – unable or unwilling to ‘bend’. In order to relieve the affliction to the knee, the person should work on his ability to roll with the punches and adapt better to his circumstances in life.

The stomach represents digestion and absorption. A person who is experiencing stomach
aliments is thought to have trouble digesting issues or events in their lives and/or ‘stomaching’ or tolerating people and/or circumstances. The person may want to investigation which situations and/or people they are having tolerance issues with and work on resolving those. In turn, Hay’s findings suggest that the stomach ailments will resolve themselves.

It isn’t just the organs or limbs of the body in which personal conflicts can manifest into the physical. Hays suggests that there are many other conditions that also relate to these conflicts. Anorexia and Bulimia are thought to manifest because the person doesn’t feel they are worthy so they withhold life nourishment (food) subconsciously from their bodies. Being overweight suggests a need for protection, thus the extra padding a person puts on. Swelling is indicative of being ‘stagnate’ or ‘bottled up’ with no where to go. Skin conditions suggest a threat to individuality, in that something or someone may be wielding power over you. Bladder infections, as well as constipation, are attributed to ‘holding things in’ such as hurts or anger. Tumors are believed to represent harboring ‘old growths’ and not allowing healing to occur, such as personal grudges.

If you learn to listen to your body, it will speak to you. Additionally, if you learn to listen to your mind, it will also speak to you. Once you have these two powerful forces speaking to you in tandem, you hold the key to healing your body.

No doctors.
No medications.
No long, drawn out treatments.
Very simply – mind over matter.