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Effects of Fibromyalgia on Sexual Relationships

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by widespread pain, fatigue and depression. There are currently about 5 million Americans in the United States that are effected by fibromyalgia. Most of those that are effected are women, but a few are men and children.

Fibromyalgia effects many aspects of a persons life. One of the areas that is effected is sexual relationships. It is hard to maintain sexual relations with your significant other when you are in constant pain and are tired all the time. Let’s look at some of the ways that sexual relationships are effected by fibromyalgia:


Pain is the most common symptom of fibromyalgia and can have a significantly negative effect on sexual relations. Vaginal pain can also be a problem because of dryness of the vagina. The widespread pain of fibromyalgia can make it painful to maintain certain sexual positions. Different positions can be tried to find the one that causes either no pain or less pain. A good, water soluble lubricant should be used to help with vaginal dryness and pain. If the pain is too severe, then replacing sex with cuddling can keep intimacy alive.


People with fibromyalgia are sometimes just to tired to even think about sexual relations. A nap during the day can help decrease evening fatigue and make it possible to engage in sexual relations. When the fatigue is just too much, then snuggling can take the place of sexual relations and provide that same closeness that we all tend to need.

Medication side effects:

The medications used to treat fibromyalgia can have several side effects that can cause interference with sexual relations. Vaginal dryness, drowsiness and low libido are the most common side effects of fibromyalgia medications. Talk to your doctor about a possible change of medications that have fewer sexual side effects.

Combat the side effects by using lubricants for vaginal dryness and napping during the day to decrease drowsiness. Sexual relations can also include cuddling and oral sex instead of full sex, which can be more painful.

Physical changes:

Fibromyalgia and the medications that help it can cause weight gain, weight loss, rashes, hair loss and/or scarring. This can cause negative feelings of ones-self and decrease the desire to have sexual relations. Turning off the lights or finding a pretty nightiethat covers the areas that make you uncomfortable will help increase your desire to have sexual relations.

Fibromyalgia can have many negative effects on sexual relations. There are many things you can do, as you can see in this article, to increase your desire, your libido and decrease the pain and fatigue and increase your closeness to your partner through sexual relations.