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Effective Treatment for Ptsd

Quick and effective, the Emotional Freedom Technique has given many Veterans relief from PTSD symptoms. Though not widely known, this drug-free, self-help technique has helped over 85% of Vets who’ve used it to resolve most or all of their symptoms. This treatment has been successful where drugs and other therapies have failed.

Why does EFT work when conventional therapies do not?

To quote from an excellent article by Rob Nelson, Certified EFT Practitioner: “EFT or ‘“tapping”’ operates on the premise that all negative emotions are a disruption in the body’s energy system – the same network of energy meridians that acupuncturists use. Instead of using needles, the EFT practitioner has the client tap on specific acupuncture points with their fingers, while focusing on negative emotions, physical sensations and recollections. . . . This doesn’t mean memories disappear. . . . They simply lose any emotional content. . . . As traumatic memories are ‘“collapsed”’ the energy that was going toward repressing them is restored, and many related problems, including physical complaints, tend to spontaneously resolve. . . . EFT addressed the root of the problem: the disturbance in the client’s energy system, rather than hashing over the memory itself.”

To learn more about PTSD, its causes and symptoms, why conventional therapies and drugs don’t work well and why EFT is more effective, click on the above article by Rob Nelson. This is an excellent first step in understanding the process of EFT and how it is used to clear emotional trauma.

Gary Craif ~ Founder of EFT and Veterans

Gary Craig, the founder of Emotional Freedom Technique was the first to treat veterans in VA Hospitals. An article describing Gary’s work with one of the patients written and posted by David Feinstein, PhD., shows the dramatic change after a short session of EFT. Gary Craig has also written “EFT for PTSD”, available on Amazon for $9.95.

Veterans’ Stress Project – Acces to EFT sessions

The website of the Veterans’ Stress Project offers immediate access to EFT practitioners and contact with Vets that have experienced the healing of PTSD symptoms through EFT. Any Vet can find out how to sign up for free sessions and read through stories of Vets who’ve experienced healing through this technique. There is also more information on how EFT works, research and contact information for therapists in your area and in the VA. Sessions are drug free and can be done in person, by phone or via Skype. Please download their flyer, print it out and pass it on to a Vet in need or share with family, friends, and/or counselors.

Operation Emotional Freedom – DVD and Vet Contact

An excellent DVD entitled “Operation: Emotional Freedom” is for sale for $19.95 on Operation Emotional Freedom’s website. This film shows Vets as they go through their EFT treatment and the results following. The film maker’s goal is to spread awareness of this treatment which is not currently used in VA hospitals. At the bottom of the “About this Film” page you are invited to click on a link that shows before and after film scenes of the Vets undergoing treatment.

You are also invited to correspond with another veteran or family member directly involved in this film by writing to info@operation-emotionalfreedom.com. Please provide some details about yourself and you will be contacted by a vet.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter by providing your name and e-mail address.

Other Information

Other excellent articles on PTSD and EFT can be found on the EFT Universe website. Click on the “Choose a topic” list in the left hand column and look for “Trauma, Abuse and PTSD.”


Practitioners and healed patients alike want to get the word out that EFT is more effective than traditional therapies and drugs in the treatment of PTSD symptoms. This is an effective non-drug therapy that has resolved PTSD symptoms of insomnia, nightmares, depression, anger, anxiety/panic attacks, etc in 85% of those treated.

“I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you can actually feel like a real person again and not be afraid. And not have to cover up all of your junk every single day of your life.” Art Fritog, Vietnam Veteran. (Quote from Veterans’ Stress Project flyer)

Please spread the word about this treatment so our Vets can get the help they need. Encourage the VA to use this treatment in their hospitals.