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Ediets Weight Loss Plans

Those who sign up to the eDiets online weight loss program aren’t just presented with a diet plan to follow. Instead they have a choice of approximately 20 diet plans to choose from, some compiled by the team of dieticians and nutritionists at eDiets, and some commercial plans which eDiets have licensed from third parties. The plan you choose will be individually customized to meet your needs, and personal food preferences will be taken into account.

The dieter firstly has a personalized diet profile drawn, taking note of individual health concerns which helps them to make the decision which plan is most suited to their needs. Thus there is an eDiet plan for those with diabetes; a Heart Smart plan for those concerned about a healthy heart; and a cholesterol lowering eDiet. The issue with these sorts of plans is they never seem to combine several elements together such as cholesterol lowering with the wheat free plan, whilst the vegetarian plan does not include different health options such as Heart Smart for vegetarians. However there is a team available to discuss options with.

The range of eDiet weight loss plans also includes a high fiber plan, a lactose free plan, a low sodium plan and a low fat plan. The two commercial plans which eDiets uses are the Mediterranean diet, certainly a healthy choice, and the glycemic impact diet. All the eDiet plans involve cooking fresh foods. As an alternative though there is the actual eDiet weight loss plan which is a selection of freshly prepared balanced meals which are home delivered to the dieter in either a five or seven day option. These are convenient for dieters who really struggle with portion control, can’t cook or don’t want to cook.

Those who opt for the home delivered diet meals receive a package which contains breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack, and average at between 1000-1100 calories per day, before the addition of the 3 daily servings of fruit and vegetables which the diet promotes. Unlike the majority of diet plans which offer home delivered meals the food is not frozen and has not been hydrated, and has scored well for taste by dieters who have utilized this option.

The meals are described as chill fresh and nutritionally balanced, but although the packages do contain information regarding ingredients and nutrition, this information is not available online so you need to wait until the food arrives to check this information. The food is customized though to individual tastes making it quite unique as a home delivery option where more usually the dieter is stuck with an array of inedible dishes every month. With the eDiet plan you simply change something you don’t like the sound of as you place your order.

eDiets home delivered options has over 100 dishes to choose from. A typical menu would be a breakfast of French toast served with turkey sausage and raspberry sauce; lunch of blackened chicken with herbed rice; dinner of roasted cod with squash and rice; and a snack of cinnamon sugar butterfly cookies. It should be noted that although those who sign up for eDiets are guaranteed a weight loss this does not apply to those who opt for the home delivered food option.

All dieters are expected to participate in the online weight loss program and fitness plan, again customized to individuals, in order to lose weight. Access to the supportive community is seen as important, and the eDiets online site is full of constantly updated health and fitness news though heavy on advertisements.

eDiets is a clever concept, drawing together so many diet plans and thus being able to accommodate a full range of dieters who each have different needs, yet bringing them together. The overall emphasis is as much on health and fitness as weight loss, thus aiming ultimately for changes in lifestyle patterns which will be of long term benefit to dieters.