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Eating out without over Eating

“Too much food!” Is often what we think when a server puts our plate in front of us; “How will I be able to eat all this?” is the question we ask. That is where the problem is. Instead of wondering how we will fit that into our bellies, we need to take a different approach.

It’s all in where your expectations are at. If you sit down in a restaurant thinking; “Today I’ll be paying the price of one meal, and getting two!” You will have a whole different mindset: you will expect to not eat it all. It’s often intimidating when you see all that food, especially if you are hungry and you hate to waste anything, which most of us do.

Ever since “Fat America” became a stereotypical phrase, we have been going nuts to prove everyone wrong by using organic foods, exercising, and eating healthier. When we go out to eat, it sometimes all gets thrown out the window. Here’s how to stick with your lifestyle while still being able to enjoy yourself.

The first thing you need to do is prepare mentally. There’s no need to come with a guilty conscience of the starving kids in Africa- it is a terrible bit of knowledge that actually adds to obesity. We still don’t have to waste food- just save it or share it. If you can’t take it home, don’t fret- it is o.k. to throw it. The starving kids are not going to get to eat because you saved your food.

Next; drink water, water, water! We don’t drink enough of this liquid gold that our bodies are mostly made up of as it is; at least 8 glasses a day. We often mistake thirst for hunger. So when you go out, have a glass even before putting anything else in your mouth- this will curb your appetite. When you are debating on having seconds, have a glass of water first and if your still hungry, go for it.

Also- if you just don’t want to worry about take-home or over-eating, simply ask for smaller portions. See if they’ll let you order off the kids menu, or split a meal with someone- it’s cheaper and you’ll both get enough!

Lastly, we need to look at eating out as no different than when we eat at home. In general, people like to splurge in all senses of the word and go all out. When you get your plate, think, “What would I have on my plate at home?”. Often this is much less than what you may have on there now. Instead of steak, fries, veggies, salad, jello and pudding, you may have only prepared a steak and salad. If you want it all, just eat smaller portions of each. You should stop eating when you are satisfied, never when you are full- that means you are over-full. Eat what you want off your plate, just smaller amounts. It is that simple.

So when you go out to eat, take heart. Don’t worry too much about it. Remember, mental preparation is key- know that you’ll need a take-home box and that you’ll only be eating until you are satisfied, not full. Drink water ahead of time to curb your appetite before your food is served. Ask for smaller portions right off-the-bat. Finally, Check out the food on your plate- would you have prepared all that for yourself at home? Eat only what is a normal amount. You’re on your way to enjoying but not over-indulging!